It goes without saying that everyone enjoys receiving gifts over the holidays. As a result, Destiny 2 has launched its seasonal Dawning event, which allows players to deliver cookies to NPCs in exchange for seasonal gifts. However, no meaningful gift is ever given without some effort. As a result, you’ll have to undergo the laborious task of gathering the ingredients for the cookie you want to make, then baking it. And if you need the Delicious Explosion ingredient to bake your cookie, we’ve got you covered with the guide below. So, keep reading!

How to Get Delicious Explosion in Destiny 2

Each ingredient for Destiny 2’s Dawning event is acquired by killing enemies in a certain manner. You can obtain the Delicious Explosion ingredient by killing any type of enemy with a rocket launcher, grenades, or a grenade launcher. Basically, anything that goes boom. Anytime kill an enemy with an explosive during the Dawning event, they will have a chance to drop the ingredient.

It’s also good to note, that you just need the killing blow on an enemy to be with an explosion for the ingredient to drop. That means you can use any other means of damage to get enemies low. Then you can finish them off with an explosive in hopes the Delicious Explosion will drop. An even better method, however, is to go to an area with relatively weak enemies that you can one-shot with an explosive. This will make it easier and faster to come across the ingredient.

For this year’s dawning event, the only recipe that requires Delicious Explosion as an ingredient is Commander Zavala’s Gjallardoodles. You can bake this treat by mixing Delicious Explosion with Ether Cane. Ether can you acquire by defeating Fallen enemies. Nonetheless, keep rattling of explosives and you should come across a Delicious Explosion drop, in no time.

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