How to Beat the King’s Champions in Cuphead: The Delicious Last Course
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In the Cuphead DLC, The Delicious Last Course, you’ll stumble onto the flying fortress of the King of Games, a sporting chap who’s providing huge riches to anybody who can defeat his pantheon of champions. We’re by no means one to show down an excellent struggle, particularly for money prizes. Here’s beat the King’s champions in Cuphead: The Delicious Last Course.

How to Beat the King’s Champions in Cuphead: The Delicious Last Course

The King’s fortress homes 5 champions, and each you beat will earn you two cash to spend at Porkrind’s Emporium, plus an additional coin for beating the final one. Here’s the catch, although: the King received’t allow you to use any weapons or particular assaults in his area. You can solely struggle his champions by parrying them, although fortunately all of those fights are intentionally engineered to make that simpler.

While it’s not required, I’d advocate utilizing Ms. Chalice for these fights over Cuphead or Mugman, as her parry sprint is a bit more speedy and versatile than their leaping parries.

Fight 1: The Pawns

This struggle is fairly simple, only a warmup earlier than we get to the tough stuff. The Pawns will leap down from the rafters to run at you, leaving themselves open so that you can parry their heads off. If you possibly can parry the heads off of each Pawn, you win.

Be aware of your spacing versus the Pawns’ trajectories. Even after you parry their heads off, they’ll preserve coming at you till they’re all crushed, they usually’ll achieve this step by step sooner, so be sure you control where you might be versus where they’re going so that you don’t bumble right into them.

Fight 2: The Knight

Next up is an old-school duel with the Knight. His weak spot is the pink plume on his helmet, however he’s acquired his sword raised, blocking passage to it. You’ll want to attend till he makes use of one in all his assaults and leaves himself open, then sprint in, smack the plume, and again away shortly.

The Knight has a couple of assaults at his disposal. If he crouches down, he’ll unleash a stab straight up. If his visor opens up, he’ll take an extended, crescent swing to the perimeters and up. If he rears again, he’ll stab throughout to the opposite aspect of the stage. You have to remain close to him whereas he’s moving about, or else he received’t assault. If you’re too distant, he’ll perform a little “bring it on” movement along with his hand to sign you to get nearer.

Cuphead Delicious Last Course Boss Fight
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Fight 3: The Bishop

The struggle with the Bishop is a little bit of a breather after the Knight. The Bishop’s head will float across the stage whereas he lights a couple of of his candles. Just stroll over to any lit candle to extinguish it, and once they all exit, the Bishop’s head will flip pink, letting you parry it and injury him.

As the struggle goes on, the Bishop will gentle extra candles every time, however with a mix of dashing and dodge rolling, you may get to all of them pretty shortly. The solely issues it is advisable to fear about are the Bishop’s head because it strikes round and the small bells he launches. Remember, Ms. Chalice’s dodge roll is invincible, so use it rather a lot to maneuver shortly alongside the ground of the stage and dodge any assaults.

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Fight 4: The Rook

Looks just like the Rook has an ax to grind with you. He’ll begin launching pink, parryable heads at you from his ax, in addition to unparryable skulls that you simply’ll must keep away from. You must parry a head again in his route a couple of times so it hits him.

Keep your eyes on the bottom in addition to the heads, as a result of each time you the Rook with a cranium, he’ll not solely begin launching heads sooner and at weirder trajectories, however he’ll additionally begin launching sparks from his grindstone on the bottom. Try to remain within the air as a lot as you possibly can with Ms. Chalice’s double leap and parry sprint. When you decide a head to parry again, do your finest to observe its trajectory again towards the Rook so that you don’t drop it prematurely.

Fight 5: The Queen

The Queen, unsurprisingly, is the hardest member of the bunch, although that’s extra attributable to the way you’re presupposed to struggle her than her personal combating skills. Along the ground of the stage are three cannons with pink, parryable fuses. The cannons are moving left and right on their very own, and once you parry the fuse, they’ll launch a cannonball. You must fastidiously lead the shot on the cannon’s and the Queen’s actions so the cannonball hits her sq. within the face. It must be the face; physique shots don’t depend.

How to Beat the King’s Champions in Cuphead: The Delicious Last Course
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As for the Queen’s strikes, she’ll drop a pink stack of lion statues on both aspect of the stage you can parry away simply. Just watch out to not unintentionally parry a cannon fuse once you go to parry the lions. She’ll additionally pull out two eggs that launch fancy projectiles across the stage, however simply thoughts your placement and don’t attempt to get grasping about launching cannonballs whereas the display screen is busy, and you may get again to firing at her when she stops.

Successfully defeat all 5 of the King’s champions, and he’ll reward you with 11 cash in complete. He’ll move his ladder to the west coast of the island where you possibly can re-challenge everybody at your leisure, in addition to tackle a Gauntlet of all 5 champions back-to-back. You don’t get something for clearing that, it’s only for enjoyable.