For those who’ve ever thought to your self that Staff Fortress 2 can be excellent if solely you can cram extra gamers onto its maps, you’re going to love right this moment’s new update. It greater than triples the utmost participant depend, from 32 to 100—and likewise, Valve says you in all probability should not do this.

In contrast to the massive content material update that Valve launched (however didn’t make) earlier this month, right this moment’s update is a fixer-upper, as a result of someway persons are nonetheless discovering issues to futz with in a 16-year-old videogame. It is a testomony to Valve’s dedication (though it is not prefer it’s on the market making new video games or something) but it surely additionally displays TF2’s ongoing reputation: The game that launched in 2007 crushed its all-time concurrent participant depend report simply two weeks in the past, thanks partly to the addition of a fats seal, who joined the game within the fan-made map Selbyen, which was included in the summertime update.

Nonetheless, with that a few years beneath its belt, it may be robust to hold issues recent. That, presumably, is what led to the choice to pop the cork on the participant depend: It will be chaotic as hell on the smaller maps little question (though that is not essentially a nasty factor—I would like to strive some 50v50 2fort) but it surely additionally opens the door to experimentation with larger-scale designs that simply would not work (or be any enjoyable) at decrease participant counts.

Notice that letting 100 individuals crash full-force onto your TF2 server is an “at your personal danger” move: Valve mentioned the choice “is unsupported and never beneficial.” That does not imply disaster is inevitable, and even probably, but it surely’s undoubtedly on the desk. Though that mentioned, it appears to be working fairly properly within the gameplay video up high—in the event you name a raging goat rodeo stalemate “working,” that’s. (For the report, I do.)

The brand new Staff Fortress 2 update, which makes quite a few different minor fixes and tweaks (lots of them associated to the Versus Saxton Hale mode, for some cause) is stay now and can be utilized robotically the following time you fireplace up the game. The total patch notes are under.

  • Added verify to make Mann vs. Machine invaders resistant to pushback whereas leaving their spawn
  • Added -unrestricted_maxplayers to boost the maxplayer depend to 100 (characteristic is unsupported and never beneficial)
  • Mounted VSH and different player-destruction gamemodes leaking their HUDs into each other
  • Mounted Saxton Hale’s weapons displaying up as being carried by an incorrect/invalid participant in VSH
  • Mounted Saxton Hale’s weapons generally displaying up as invalid in VSH
  • Mounted a crash that may happen when altering from VSH to a different map
  • Mounted a crash that may happen associated to MP3s on VSH maps
  • Mounted a crash that may happen when utilizing altering mannequin element setting or utilizing r_flushlod
  • Mounted a crash when going between two sv_pure servers with maps packing customized content material
  • Mounted altering mannequin element setting or utilizing r_flushlod not at all times taking impact
  • Mounted packed substitute supplies/textures/fashions in a customized map may leak into different maps or rendering as wireframe
  • Mounted customized particle overrides not being reloaded on servers with out sv_pure
  • Mounted game mode descriptions for among the summer time map stamps
  • Mounted embedded workshop map soundscripts not being loaded on shoppers (group repair from ‘Jakub’ (ficool2))
  • Mounted a crash when utilizing the game_ui entity and gamers discconnecting (group repair from ‘Jakub’ (ficool2))
  • Mounted teleporter particle results (group repair from ‘Jakub’ (ficool2))
  • Up to date/Added some match medals
  • Up to date cp_altitude
  • Elevated measurement of C seize space
  • Decreased preliminary spherical timer from 6 to five minutes
  • Elevated max spherical timer size from 6 to eight minutes
  • Elevated Blu respawn wave time on A from 3 to 4
  • Elevated Purple respawn wave time on C from 8 to 9
  • Decreased Blu respawn wave time on C from 3 to 2
  • Varied visible fixes and changes
  • Up to date koth_cascade
  • Varied participant and projectile collision fixes
  • Varied visible fixes and changes
  • Adjusted resupply locker positions
  • Up to date cp_steel
  • Mounted lacking glass from bullet blocked home windows
  • Eliminated some extra ceiling mild collisions
  • Improved clipping round B -> C constructing
  • Small security enchancment to Blu flank balcony to B
  • Some additional block bullets round B flooring
  • Up to date pl_phoenix
  • Elevated Purple respawn wave time on D from 8 to 9
  • Mounted projectile collision bug across the payload elevator observe
  • Mounted a case where the payload cart may get caught on the base of the elevator
    Varied clipping fixes
  • Varied visible fixes
  • Up to date vsh_distillery, vsh_tinyrock, vsh_nucleus, vsh_skirmish
  • The script not forces mp_winlimit and mp_maxrounds to 0
  • Group servers now can increase the Script by creating a brand new file at scripts/vscripts/vsh_addons/principal.nut
  • Group servers now can choose the following Hale through SetNextBossByEntity, SetNextBossByEntityIndex and SetNextBossByUserId capabilities
  • The Diamondback now positive factors 2 assured crits upon backstab
  • Hale’s assaults now pierce by way of harm absorption of the Wrangler defend
  • Hale will now obtain an educational notification in the event that they have not carried out a Courageous Leap through the first 30 seconds of a spherical
  • Mounted bugs associated to Your Everlasting Reward’s on-backstab disguise
  • Mounted Festive Eyelander not gaining heads on-hit
  • (Hopefully) Mounted Hale generally showing to carry the Necro Smasher or the Sandvich
  • (Hopefully) Mounted some gamers being unable to punch as Hale (“A-posing”)
  • Mounted Hale disappearing when the game tries (and fails) to gib him
  • Each side dying concurrently now counts as Stalemate
  • Up to date vsh_skirmish (further modifications)
  • Added a stay feed to the workplace
  • Improved clipping in a number of areas