The famed dwarf-em-up dynasties sim Dwarf Fortress has been having fun with one thing of a second wind ever since its launch on Steam, with its creators lastly receiving loads of well-merited mountain gold and hunkering all the way down to a daily update cycle for the ‘new’ launch. Dwarf Fortress being Dwarf Fortress, it will get some fairly good patch notes. And right this moment’s theme is infants.

The infant update brings “sprites for youngsters and infants for lots of the creatures and out of doors vegetation. This additionally consists of dragon hatchings!” So I am guessing that capturing then elevating your personal dragon would be the signal of a real baller fortress now. It’s undeniably neat, and fully in-keeping with how this game is designed, that the vegetation get their very own infants too, with crops now sprouting earlier than they change into all grown-up and edible.

There are additionally some “essential fixes for buckets and refuse stockpiles” which can please the extra OCD Fortress commanders (apparently some refuse piles had been degrading supplies incorrectly), a bunch of graphical modifications together with the addition of “easy ice wall[s]”, numerous backend tweaks, after which the great things:

“Stopped dwarves with out working grasps from attempting to get goblets to drink, failing, and dying of thirst.”

These dwarves by no means do cease discovering methods to die. Kitfox is sort of open about plans for the game, with the latest update earlier than this being an Area mode which, sure, you can most likely use to check out the infants, whereas the large upcoming undertaking is a significant rework of the game’s oft-meandering Journey mode: “We’ll make the world extra fascinating to free roam,” mentioned Tarn Adams, promising a world where NPCs will “flip one among your dwarves utilizing like John le Carré spy methods” to steal artifacts. Say what you’ll about this game: It’s by no means, ever boring.