In what looks like a risk to completionists, Remnant 2’s principal designer Ben Cureton took to Twitter yesterday to increase on the amount of the upcoming soulslike third-person shooter’s hidden secrets and techniques:

“Nobody has seen or obtained 100% of every little thing #Remnant2 has to supply. I am speaking about hardcore gamers with over 400+ hours, reviewers that had early entry, even our personal inside builders. Nobody.”

This is not significantly stunning given because the game’s not even out but, however contemplating the kind of participant cited it is nonetheless spectacular. Remnant 2 expands on the procedural era of the primary game, taking part in on its many-worlds idea. 

In an interview with IGN earlier this 12 months, Gunfire Video games promised as a lot, stating that even the storylines of the game can be randomly generated—they’re all hand-crafted, positive, however the best way they slot into your playthrough will probably be completely different each time.

With that in thoughts, it is not shocking that not even probably the most hardcore early-access marathon participant has seen 100% of Remnant 2’s secrets and techniques. It is not like you may choose which association you get, so it might require dozens of playthroughs to cowl each inch of floor—extra for those who’re simply that unfortunate.

This is not inherently a foul factor, in fact—it is a enjoyable departure from typical soulslike fayre. Different entries within the style permit the participant to develop a way of familiarity over a number of playthroughs, turning you from a scared scrub inching round each nook along with your defend up right into a terrifying killer, who rips ass by way of the Undead Burg in 10 minutes.

Nonetheless, the declare itself jogs my memory of the web tizz round Baldur’s Gate 3’s “17,000 endings” final week. Whereas it is a quantity that is technically true, in apply it is not relevant. As soon as the web’s hit Remnant 2 with its mixed would possibly, I am positive we’ll have a sturdy wiki to comb by way of. For those who’re eager to go in unspoiled, although, you may have a lot to uncover.

Luckily, not each type of completionist will endure by the hands of storyline RNG: “We made positive acquiring 100% Achievements could be very player-friendly”, Cureton wrote, elaborating that the hunt for secrets and techniques is meant as a bonus exercise for gamers who’ve “already achieved that objective.” So whereas a full catalogue could also be a group effort, you will not be caught in a Groundhog Day loop making an attempt to get a ‘100% completion’ down on paper.