Fortnite’s Collision occasion for the tip of Chapter 3 Season 2 noticed gamers participating in a concerted assault on the “Collider,” the huge tower housing the “Zero Point.” I gotta say, I’m not precisely up on my Fortnite lore, however the interactive, cinematic occasion was fairly spectacular, even to my jaded, non-Gen Z sensibilities.

Players loaded into the cockpit of a large, Pacific Rim-style mecha and launched into area, touchdown again on the island to do battle with the forces of Doctor Slone. In-between cutscenes, it featured neat little on-rails shooting segments, and the Twitch chat I used to be watching with appeared fairly impressed. It definitely beats the final one in every of this stuff I watched stay, the destruction of the Almighty in Destiny in 2020. I’ve by no means recovered from Season of the Worthy. This portion additionally featured the destruction of the Fortress and at the least a few of the IO Airship landmarks on the Island, persevering with Fortnite’s custom of season-ending map adjustments.

The mecha was then shot down, and gamers proceeded to a small PvE shooting portion whereas the Zero Point displayed views of a number of totally different realities—together with the traditional duel between Darth Vader and Obi Wan Kenobi on the finish of A New Hope, probably teasing some Vader motion in Season 3. The characters Agent Jones and The Foundation (the man performed by the Rock) jumped into the Zero Point, Slone was seemingly killed by the mecha, and the Fortnite servers entered their inter-season downtime.

All in all, fairly neat stuff, undecided how invested the common Fortniter is within the ongoing story, however it made for an excellent spectacle. When can we play Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3? Given the timetable of previous seasonal shifts, I might count on the season to go stay by tomorrow morning. Meanwhile, a “lookbook” preview of Season 3’s battle move has launched, revealing its official title: “Vibin’.”