We’ve seen a bunch of cool DIY terminals recently. From this Pi powered Palmtop to this retro round display screen machine. All of those designs are very cute, however this subsequent DIY venture has resulted in one of many teensy lovely little terminals I’ve come throughout.

Tech tinkerer James Brown shared certainly one of his current experiments on Twitter which reveals off a bit of monitor display screen engaged on a tiny Lego piece. The show is designed to imitate the Lego terminal items that slant downwards and have designs painted on them. 

In this case, the display screen is definitely behind a clear blue piece for now. Brown makes use of these tiny and reasonably priced controllable OLEDs to make it mimic the varied outdated Lego management items. One instance has block textual content scrolling and lights flashing, and one other reveals a moving round radar. 

It could be particularly neat to see a few of these with bespoke Lego piece designs. They already look very cool, and current an unlimited quantity of alternatives for future Lego display screen mods. In reality, these tiny screens have loads of different purposes and Brown is already taking part in with a few of them.

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Another Twitter thread contains a keyboard that he is engaged on which has a display screen behind each key. It feels like an costly endeavour however because of the affordability of those screens it will not be too unhealthy. In most examples Brown has them displaying letters, and in a single case they visibly change two and from capitals when the caps lock is pushed.

In concept it might be a straightforward strategy to change the seen keyboard structure, or set picture buttons for video games and macros. They may probably be paired with neat artisan keycaps for much more visible impact. Or simply numerous screens, sort of like a complete keyboard manufactured from a DIY Stream Deck, which sounds fairly rattling helpful. 

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This may result in some significantly subsequent stage RGB, particularly if all of the keys are programmable in tangent. Hopefully they will take the punishment of getting fingers always bashing them right into a board if avid gamers are going to have any use for them. Still these appear like some splendidly enjoyable DIY tasks with tonnes of potential. Or possibly we’ll simply see extra cute Lego consoles like this PSP. I feel we’ll be seeing these tiny OLEDs pop up in just a few extra tasks across the place.