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Can You Earn Fighter Coins in Street Fighter 6?


Can You Earn Fighter Coins in Street Fighter 6?

On: June 7, 2023

The newest entry in the Street Fighter franchise has just donkey-kicked its way onto modern consoles! This entry offers a ton of new content for players of all skill levels. However, it also offers content for players that want to look good on the battlefield. Fighter Coins are the premium currency of Street Fighter 6, able to be purchased in the store for real-world money. But, is that the only way you can get this coin? Or are you going to be able to throw hands to collect some of it for yourself? This guide will explain everything you need to know.

Fighter Coins are one of two different currencies in SF6

Can You Earn Fighter Coins In-Game?

It is not currently possible to earn Fighter Coins through gameplay in Street Fighter 6. You can only get this currency by purchasing it through the in-game store. The store can be found from the Multi-Menu under the “Shop” category. You can get these premium coins by heading to the final tab, “Fighter Coins,” and selecting a package for it.

Sadly, these are the game’s primary microtransaction. They must be purchased, and there are several packages available for players on launch. In the future, it would not be surprising if there were events to get these coins. But, it seems that they are intentionally interchangeable with the free currency that is available. So, expect to receive more of that instead!

The in-game currency is called Drive Tickets, and those can be earned in-game or purchased in bundles. The main way to purchase the tickets is through the DLC bundles, where they come in packs that include the upcoming characters and stages. They can also be earned through completing different challenges. To see what challenges you have or haven’t completed yet, go to the Multi-Menu and head to Rewards, then Challenges.

A huge difficulty for your fighter… Is resisting these old-school costumes!

Unfortunately, it is almost guaranteed that we will be getting Drive Tickets over Fighter Coins in future events. This is a bit of a shame, since it takes a lot more Tickets to get a single item compared to coins. This is just speculation, however, as the first Fighter Pass has yet to be unveiled. It’s entirely possible that that package could include access to Coins.

What Are Fighter Coins Used For?

As of the time of writing this article, Fighter Coins are used in Street Fighter 6’s Goods Shop. The Goods Shop includes costumes and colors for characters, gear and emotes for avatars, and stickers and other items for your account. The goods can also be purchased with Drive Tickets, the non-premium currency. However, the items cost significantly less when purchased with the premium coins.

Again, for now, they can only be used to purchase costumes, colors, stickers, emotes, gear, and other cosmetics for your characters and player avatar. There are no obvious mechanical advantages for purchasing these items.

However, some options like Club Slots and Recipe Upload Slots, do have some slight mechanical benefit. These allow you to join additional clubs and send your avatar to other players. If you want additional slots, you’ll need to purchase them from the shop. And they cost Fighter Coins, meaning you’ll have to fork over some dough for them.

Right now, these coins are just used as an alternative to drive tickets in almost all cases. There are some items in the Goods Shop that must be purchased with Fighter Coins, Meanwhile all items that are purchasable with Drive Tickets can be grabbed with the premium currency as well.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How Do You Get to the Shop in SF6?

To get to the shop, hit the Start (or Tab) button to open the multi-menu. The Shop is on the second row of the menu. This shop primarily holds cosmetics for fighters and your avatar.

How Do You Get Tickets in SF6?

Drive Tickets, the non-premium currency in Street Fighter 6, is primarily earned through challenges or engaging with World Tour mode. Meeting other legendary fighters and bonding with them is a great way to unlock this currency.

How Much Are Costumes Worth in Street Fighter 6?

Costumes in SF6 are with 50 Fighter Coins. However, most outfits can be unlocked by bonding with the respective fighter during World Tour Mode.

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