Once you consider Starfield, the upcoming spacefaring epic from Bethesda Game Studios, what’s the very first thing you affiliate it with? Yep, you nailed it, skateboarding. The indelible hyperlink between Starfield’s hotly-anticipated launch and the noble artwork of completely shredding it up is so apparent I do not even have to element it right here, and it is likely why now you can purchase a “Starfield Aerial Skate Deck” on official Bethesda merch retailer for the low, low worth of $75.

Okay, I am going to stage with you. I do not know why this factor exists and—following on from stunts just like the Diablo 4 pop-up chocolate store—I am starting to suspect that the world’s videogame advertising and marketing departments have simply gone rogue. Are they only utilizing their positions to sate their most absurd and transient whims? Most likely.

I am pretty sure somebody in Bethesda’s workplaces simply thought it might be sick as hell to personal a Starfield-patterned skate deck and figured they might get one without spending a dime if they might contort it into a part of the game’s advertising and marketing push. It will get schmucks like me writing about it too, so you already know, win/win.

Frankly, good for them. Setting apart for one second that we’re all collectively present process the tragedy of not residing within the universe where “Tony Hawk’s Professional Starfield” exists, that means that this skate deck has no apparent hyperlink to Starfield as a videogame, it does look fairly fairly. Its underside options the pleasantly minimalist Starfield Iogo above the rainbow stripes of the game’s constellation faction. You may recognise the design from that Starfield Xbox controller that just lately received launched.

I might think about sticking this factor on my wall if I assumed my landlady would let me get away with it (she has a number of haunted Victorian little one work up, they’re very cool and I’m 100% forbidden from taking them down). 

For those who so select, you’ll be able to even affix some vehicles and wheels to it and go by yourself, decidedly terrestrial journey. It does not include any, although, so you will have to purchase them your self.