Useless Cells has been extremely well-supported with free and paid updates ever since launch, to the extent that its newest extravaganza is the sequel to a earlier indie crossover. The snappily named “Everybody Is Right here Vol. II” update introduces six character costumes and weapons from different indie video games and, most impressively, makes their current skills function inside Useless Cells’ programs.

OK, a few of them match extra simply than others. The Guide from Terraria is in right here with the heavenly sword Starfury, which causes star fragments to scatter everytime you hit an enemy. There’s greatswords of assorted descriptions in Useless Cells already so this can be a pretty simple addition, however we’re simply getting began.

The ever present Shovel Knight, who appears to have crossed-over into any indie that’ll have him, arrives right here with a shoulder-bashing mechanic that you simply’re meant to chain for crucial hits. Chaining enemies may apparently get too simple and tacky in an earlier iteration, so Movement Twin says “the motion is kind of delicate to make it arduous to grasp.”

Topic ZERO from Katan ZERO is subsequent up: full with majestic katana and the paranormal artwork of chucking issues at enemies. Throwables stun enemies, however you solely get three earlier than you may need to get a touch assault or killing blow with a purpose to refill them.

The Commando from Threat of Rain arrives with a laser glaive which is “irresistibly drawn to enemy after enemy, rebounding across the display screen dealing injury to as many foes as potential. It positive factors injury after every further enemy it hits and can begin dealing crits after hitting a number of enemies.”

Then my favorite, Hotline Miami’s Jacket, who comes full with three masks and, after all, a baseball bat. Useless Cells already contains a mechanic whereby kicking open doorways stuns enemies. So Jacket’s playstyle is about gorgeous enemies and dealing crits with the baseball bat, whereupon you get the precise Hotline Miami VFX.

Lastly there’s Slay the Spire, which sounds extremely advanced. The Various Deck is a weapon that interprets every of StS’s 4 classes into expertise that are passive, that may then be activated for a one-off enhance, after which you change into the following class talent.

There is a prolonged clarification of the way it all works within the patch notes, however the quick model is: you begin as Barricade with further health and health-based bonuses; this turns into Catalyst, which makes you melee assaults toxic; this turns into Electrodynamics, which creates lightning orbs that circle round you zapping issues; lastly comes Foresight, which helps you to keep away from injury commonly, however may be activated for a interval of invulnerability, after which it cycles again to Barricade.

I imply, Movement Twin actually does put the trouble in. The brand new outfits and characters are unlocked through riddles within the guide of clues discovered within the opening space.

“We’ve not forgotten about including extra ‘pure’ Useless Cells content material,” says the developer on the finish of those notes. “That journey will proceed in 2023 and preserve a watch out for some information in December…”