Valve has introduced Counter-Strike 2, god’s in his heaven, and all’s right with the world. The game will initially be beta examined by a restricted group of gamers, and these are being chosen based mostly on a number of elements which positively don’t embrace talent stage: I suck, however I play rather a lot and like to consider myself as a great egg, so I obtained an invitation. Sure of us: I’ve seen smoke grenades wafted away on banana.

The funniest side of that is that, having been watching the CS:GO subreddit and following varied Counter-Strikers on social media, plenty of individuals are complaining they have not obtained in. Now, a few of these individuals are pretty. However I’ve observed in a couple of instances that they are not pretty, and it made one ingredient of the restricted beta actually leap out at me. Valve is just not letting the assholes in.

The studio has a beta FAQ outlining the fundamentals, and it consists of this line: “Gamers are chosen based mostly on a lot of elements deemed necessary by the Counter-Strike 2 improvement group, together with (however not restricted to) current playtime on Valve official servers, belief issue, and Steam account standing.”

God bless the Counter-Strike 2 improvement group, as a result of belief issue and standing mainly imply cheaters and poisonous gamers. CS:GO has a superb reporting system and, whereas some stage of trash speaking is all the time to be anticipated, gamers who constantly piss off their teammates are sometimes suspended with aggressive cooldowns. Cheaters, in the meantime, get the dreaded VAC ban.

Virtually prefer it desires to emphasize the purpose, Valve’s FAQ circles again to this:

I used to be banned in CS:GO. Can I take advantage of the identical Steam account to play Counter-Strike 2?

No. Accounts with VAC or game bans in CS:GO can not play Counter-Strike 2 on VAC-secured servers.

Are aggressive cooldowns shared throughout Counter-Strike 2 and CS:GO?

Sure. In case you have a aggressive cooldown in CS:GO you can’t matchmake in Counter-Strike 2 and vice versa.

In different phrases: Eat it. And this isn’t simply the beta. If you happen to have been perma-banned in CS:GO, you are simply not stepping into Counter-Strike 2.

There’s one thing so fantastically karmic about this. If you happen to have been an asshole in Counter-Strike, you aren’t getting to hitch in with the remainder of us having enjoyable and dancing round in Source 2. It feels right, and the best way the world ought to be. I could not be happier about Counter-Strike 2, and this ingredient of it’s the cherry on the cake.