PlayStation’s showcase ended with a bang at this time as Insomniac shared a prolonged 11-minute gameplay demo of Spider-Man 2, which is coming this yr to PS5 and finally to PC.

The demo is paying homage to the way in which that Insomniac confirmed off its first Spider-Man game: a full-length mission with combating, stealth, and a harmful chase between each Spider-Mans and a villain in a helicopter.

Again then, that mission’s linearity and quick-time occasions had some fearful that PlayStation’s model of the hero would play lots like an Uncharted game, however now understanding what Insomniac’s open world Spider-Man is all about, I spent the 11 minutes poring over the main points. It appears to be like such as you’ll be switching between Peter and Miles on the common in Spider-Man 2, although it would not look like you possibly can character-swap everytime you need. By this time within the game, Peter has donned the black Venom swimsuit and it appears to be like like he’ll have an entire new fight system constructed round symbiotic tendril powers. Peter additionally deploys a brand new piece of traversal tech I am unable to wait to make use of: a wingsuit.

Miles, then again, is likely to be the extra gadget-oriented spider this time round. It is throughout his part that we see a brand new stealth gadget: a particular internet shooter that creates wires Miles can stroll on.

The demo additionally units the stage for Spider-Man 2’s story. One in all Spider-Man’s oldest villains within the comics, Kraven the Hunter, is on the town after Dr. Curt Connors, who by this time has already changed into The Lizard. Pete and Miles intervene to guard Connors, and on the finish we see Miles show discomfort with Peter’s more and more aggressive habits since adopting the Venom swimsuit. We will all guess where that is going, however I like these variations of those characters a lot that I am unable to wait to see the way it performs out in any case.

Spider-Man 2 is out later this yr on PS5. Hopefully the PC port wait will not be too lengthy.