As VR expertise grows in complexity, it permits us to do extra complicated issues in video games. Our digital palms, as soon as solely able to having the ability to open and shut, have progressed to the purpose where we will, nicely, level. Make particular gestures. Type, press buttons with particular person fingers, manipulate objects, and carry out delicate duties.

But the hell with all that. Forget rigorously rendered palms in VR and take into consideration this as a substitute: What for those who palms have been baseball bats? Huh? What then, genius? Could you continue to fry an egg, brush your tooth, or pet your canine?

Of course you may, it is simply trickier, and that is the purpose. What the Bat? is the following game from developer Triband, the creators of the extremely humorous and stunning not-golf game What the Golf?, and this time the slapstick comedy is happening in VR. The premise is, your palms are bats, however you continue to want to finish a bunch of minigames which embody:

  • Hitting a baseball (thus far, simple)
  • Hitting a soccer ball thrown by an elephant
  • Getting a scorching canine from a merchandising machine
  • Carrying an egg (now it is getting difficult)
  • Controlling a shark with a joystick
  • Carving a sculpture
  • Brushing your teefs
  • Petting a canine (it offers you gloves for this one)
  • Ironing a sock
  • Taking a shower
  • Abducting sheep with a UFO
  • Making satellites kiss in area (huh?)
  • Having toes
  • Making toast
  • Fishing
  • Hitting a trophy that got here out of a rest room

Based on the number of stunning moments in What the Golf? I believe there’s far, way more bizarre little video games and twists in What the Bat? than proven within the announcement trailer. It seems extraordinarily goofy and playful, and I’m now sitting right here buzzing the theme music, which fits: “What the what the what the what the what the baaaaaaaaat.”

To expertise the frustration and comedy of getting bats for palms, you’ll naturally want a VR headset. What the Bat? can be obtainable someday this yr on Steam and for the Meta Quest 2. Here’s the official site.