If you need extra character-based anime motion, set your sights on Zenless Zone Zero. This is simply one of many upcoming video games from the studio behind Genshin Impact. HoYoverse is slowly teasing out information about all of Zenless’s characters, which appear like they’re going to positively be the main target as soon as once more. Even if we do not know precisely how Zenless works but, we’re anticipating to have our favorites, whether or not it is for his or her aesthetic or their fight talents. Will there be tier lists? There are most likely already tier lists, come on.

As we discover out extra about Zenless Zone Zero we’ll be retaining observe of what you need to know right right here from the names and factions of every character, all of the gameplay trailers, and any feedback HoYoverse makes on how Zenless can be monetized. Is it a gacha game? HoYoverse hasn’t particularly stated so, however that appears like a extremely secure guess.

When are you able to play Zenless Zone Zero? 

Zenless Zone Zero launch date: Unknown
Zenless Zone Zero beta signups: Signups for the primary ZZZ tuning check have ended, however the check itself hasn’t occurred but.

Zenless Zone Zero Trailers

The reveal trailer for Zenless Zone Zero provides away quite a lot of its characters, if not their names, among the factions, and quite a lot of motion fight.

The second trailer for Zenless Zone Zero provides one other take a look at fight, and this time at what could be some combo strikes or extra elemental reactions between characters.

Zenless Zone Zero Gameplay

Zenless Zone Zero gameplay 

Before we get to the small print, here is the Zenless setting, in short: Urban fantasy metropolis New Eridu, often known as the “last oasis” is overrun by troublesome dimensional holes referred to as Hollows. You’ll be hopping in these holes to extract the useful resource often known as Ether, battle the nasty monsters that reside there referred to as Ethereals, and take a look at to not get corrupted your self. Oh, additionally there are “lawless thugs” and “hollow raiders”, Proxies, and the brokers of the Hollow Investigative Association in there.

No shock that Zenless goes to have motion fight that feels acquainted to Genshin Impact. The trailers we have seen to date showcase melee and ranged assaults with pistols, swords, hammers, and extra. 

Based on the preliminary fight trailer, it appears to be like like we’ll be doing loads of fight in these darkish, Hollow areas. Hopefully we’ll spend our non-combat time exploring and choosing up quests in prettier New Eridu.

Is Zenless a gacha game? 

HoYoverse hasn’t defined simply but the way it’s planning to monetize Zenless. Given that Genshin Impact and Honkai Impact third are each free-to-play with gacha mechanics, we are able to probably anticipate the identical of the studio’s subsequent motion game.

Zenless Zone Zero characters & Factions

Like Genshin, ZZZ appears to be like prefer it’ll be all about its characters—backstories, voice actor reveals, and possibly an enormous fandom full of parents adoring their faves. Yes, I’ve seen that everybody loves the fox man already. Of course you’re keen on the fox man along with his muzzle and eyepatch and unhappy boy hair. Where’s the love for the bear, people? 

HoYoverse is slowly doling out information on the various characters and the factions they’re part of. Here’s all people we have seen to date, and the names we’ve (or do not) to go along with them.

Gentle House (Cunning Hares) 

(Image credit score: HoYoverse)

This group of freelance odd job-ers was based by Nicole Demara and handles Hollow-related commissions, although apparently the group is consistently coping with debt piling up.

  • Billy Kid – A good-looking and carefree cyborg with customized twin revolvers.
  • Nicole Demara – Cunning founding father of the Hares with a hammer.
  • Anby Demara – Calm and enigmatic younger lady with a lightning sword.
  • Unnamed catgirl – An acrobatic catgirl with daggers.

Defense Force 

(Image credit score: HoYoverse)

 We do not know something in regards to the Defense Force but, solely that Soldier 11 is a member.

  • Soldier 11 – An environment friendly soldier who has no title with a flaming sword.

Victoria House Keeping 

(Image credit score: HoYoverse)

Neither of Victoria House Keeping Co’s characters have gotten a full reveal but, however everybody positive does love them already. 

  • Unnamed maid lady – Maid character is right here, wielding what could be a spear.
  • Unnamed fox man – The early fandom favourite along with his jet-powered legs.

[Unknown] Industries 

(Image credit score: HoYoverse)

The title for the group seems to be “Belobo” Industries or one thing comparable, however none of its characters have had their names revealed but. 

  • Unnamed cloak man – He’s wielding protagonist hair and what appears to be like like a drill fist?
  • Unnamed hammer child – The small one, twin wielding a hammer and axe.
  • Unnamed bear man – A bear with a sequence, wields a battering ram.


(Image credit score: HoYoverse)

The faction of the demon lady and catgirl seems to be H.SOS.6, primarily based on the fight trailer from June 2022, however we do not know their names but. 

  • Unnamed blue demon – a blue demon lady with a masks and greathammer.
  • Unnamed samurai catgirl – Cat ears and katana? Check.

Player characters?

(Image credit score: HoYoverse)

Although this hasn’t been confirmed but, I’m feeling fairly assured that these are the participant characters you will select between in Zenless. Genshin Impact, as an illustration, has you select between a brother and sister character. If these aren’t two participant character choices together with their mascot character a la Paimon, I can be very stunned.

One extra wolf man, only for all of you

HoYo followers solely need one factor. (Image credit score: HoYoverse)