Yu-Gi-Oh! Master Duel gamers are self-destructing their approach by the brand new occasion

Image through Konami

Yu-Gi-Oh Master Duel gamers are dashing working by the present occasion by constructing self-burn decks and dropping as quick as doable.

The XYZ Festival occasion is stay now by February 14, providing 2,000 Gems and over 30 legacy pack tickets for gamers who earn the utmost variety of medals, which is 20,000. Originally, 50 medals got for dropping and 100 got for successful. Instead of constructing a brand new deck for the occasion, since most of the decks within the present meta are banned for the occasion, gamers are self-destructing as an alternative.

Players figured they may grind out the occasion medals and the utmost quantity of rewards sooner by constructing self-burn decks. These decks comprise spell and entice playing cards that require a cost of Life Points to make use of, so gamers can simply play their full hand on their first flip and lose immediately. The concept right here is that the roughly one minute it takes to self-burn is quicker than spending 5-10 minutes truly taking part in the game. The game has a give up choice, however surrendering negates all rewards, so gamers have to really lose the duel.

The Master Duel subreddit is stuffed with posts in regards to the self-burn decks, with most gamers discovering the scenario comedic. Some gamers are night constructing counter-decks which can be stuffed with playing cards that give their opponents Life Points, to attempt to forestall individuals from dropping on objective.

The scenario received so unhealthy that Konami up to date the occasion rewards. While individuals nonetheless earn 50 medals for dropping, the winner now will get 500 medals as an alternative of 100, making it that rather more rewarding to win. While some gamers will possible maintain self-destructing, this was possible achieved to encourage individuals to really play the occasion to win.