On July 25 this 12 months, a YouTuber named Haelian uploaded a video referred to as “Why No One Has Overwhelmed the Max Warmth in Hades or Most likely Ever Will”: a breakdown of the toughest doable run-through of Supergiant’s unbelievable 2020 roguelike action-RPG and why it’s, successfully, unbeatable. 

The chances are simply too low: Activating the entire game’s difficulty-boosting Pact of Punishment modifiers turns a difficult game right into a gruelling gauntlet. It ratchets up the game’s warmth (successfully its difficulty stage) to its most of 64. With enemies buffed to the max, the participant character as weak as could be, and solely 5 minutes to finish every space, you’d must be each immensely expert on the game and safe an unimaginable string of fortunate drops throughout your unseeded playthrough to even make success a chance. So far as the group is aware of, it had by no means occurred earlier than and it was by no means going to.

Anyway, it is now eight days after that video was posted and, clearly, somebody’s gone and performed it. As reported by GamesRadar, a Hades problem runner and speedrunner named Angel1c has efficiently achieved the unimaginable: clearing what is outwardly the world’s first unseeded, unmodded 64-heat playthrough of Hades a mere three years after the game launched in full. You’ll be able to see Haelian’s response to Angel1c’s victory above and her full, impeccably soundtracked 30-minute playthrough under. 

Whereas there’s all the time the chance {that a} streamer like that is utilizing some form of hidden mod to bump up their probabilities, the Hades group appears to agree that Angel1c needs to be trusted on this. She’s a widely known determine there, and has kind for doing stuff like this up to now: She’s beforehand posted movies of herself finishing runs at 62 and 63 warmth, each of which might be nearly as undoable as a 64 warmth run for the mere mortals amongst us.

The group has been blown away, although maybe none of them are as rocked by Angel1c’s success than the runner herself. “1000’s upon hundreds of makes an attempt, almost a 12 months since my 63 clear and 64 fails that acquired a lot consideration. And its lastly fucking right here,” wrote the participant in a caption on the unique YouTube add, “I am nonetheless shaking whereas scripting this, I didnt anticipate it to occur in any respect with how I havent performed for therefore lengthy … I am so happy with myself”.

The caption on the second uploaded video of the run—the soundtracked model—signifies that Angel1c had managed to come back to grips together with her victory: “I’m a fucking legend at this videogame,” she wrote, describing her run as “51 minutes of makes an attempt, to get luck that’s arguably unachievable in hundreds of hours. By no means say by no means I suppose.”

“For anybody unaware that is most definitely essentially the most spectacular factor ever performed on this whole videogame,” wrote a poster named vetb on the Hades subreddit, “and probably one of the crucial fortunate and skillful issues achieved in any game ever.”

One other, jay44j, wrote that “no one else is ever gonna do that”. He was backed up by a person named jasta07 in one other thread: “I feel the runner is unimpeachable,” they stated, “however I additionally assume [Haelian’s video] was 100% appropriate. The RNG was completely freaking nuts. I completely anticipated this to be accomplished by somebody discovering some new strat or exploit that made it simpler, not simply attempting to brute pressure the RNG”.

Haelian himself up to date the caption on his authentic, viral video: “Congratulations to Angel1C for proving me useless fallacious! They destroyed 64 warmth with out mods or seeds simply 8 days after this video was posted. A real god gamer.” Haelian did level out, thoughts you, that “the entire math” in his video was nonetheless right. “Angel was simply capable of show that that they had the dedication to get it performed”.

An accomplishment for the literal historical past books, then, and one which’s earned all of the plaudits it is obtained 100 occasions over. However sufficient dilly-dallying, this is Angel1c’s full, 64 warmth run in all its unlikely glory: