Sons of the Forest’s default NPC companion, Kelvin, is nothing in need of a survival game revelation. As a devoted helper, Kelvin will be commanded to finish menial duties like gathering sticks, chopping down timber, or snatching fish out of the river along with his naked palms. As soon as he places his thoughts to one thing, he is not going to cease till requested in any other case. One Kelvin is an unstoppable power. So think about, then, what one might accomplish with a small military of Kelvins?

You possibly can thank modder CallMeSlinky for making it potential with a mod that permits the debug console in Sons of the Forest (you may additionally want this Unity framework mod first). Reddit person jrm850 then shortly found that, with some fast javascript enhancing, you possibly can spawn in as many Kelvins as you need. As soon as the debug console is in place, you should utilize the “addcharacter Robby 1” command to conjure a Kelvin (we’re pondering Robby is an outdated title for Kelvin utilized by the devs). Although, jrm850 notes to not get carried away within the cloning course of.

“I can put as many as I would like in idea, however in case you put too many it may well begin to trigger FPS points. I did not expertise any actual points with simply 4 or much less, labored nice in multiplayer with different individuals,” jrm850 wrote in a YouTube remark reply.

The additional Kelvins will take heed to your in-game notepad instructions and even appear to work harmoniously collectively on constructing tasks. Options producer Chris Livingston spawned in a squad of Kelvins and enlisted them to construct a log cabin. They work fairly effectively as a unit, nearly as if a number of NPC helpers was a deliberate function sooner or later. Chris says his solely hiccup thus far got here when one in every of his Kelvins toppled a tree (by accident, he hopes) onto one other Kelvin, however no person was completely injured.

Kelvin and all of his clones stay staunch pacifists, so do not count on additional assist combating cannibals, however the identical duplication course of is feasible for Virginia, too: the command is “addcharacter virginia 1”. Virginia will combat with you and might even use weapons, so spawning in a bunch will in all probability make you unstoppable.

Sons of the forest cloning command

(Picture credit score: Endnight Video games)

The debug console additionally permits a great deal of instructions and cheats, which is an thrilling prospect. Simply glancing on the command listing, it is seemingly potential to vary the climate, spawn in any objects, and summon enemies. After all, remember to make use of these mods with warning: as CallMeSlinky notes, utilizing the debug console “can damage your game save, so make a backup or watch out!”

Cut back the chance of Kelvin mishaps by not going full Sorcerer’s Apprentice on Sons of the Forest, and you need to be OK.