You have saved Skyrim from Alduin the World-Eater ultimately. Surrounded by the souls of Sovngarde’s mightiest heroes, you watch his bones burn vibrant because the daybreak, then fall away to ash. What sound accompanies this occasion? “Blink blink blonk!” Steam would love you to know you’ve got simply unlocked the Dragonslayer achievement, which it does by loudly enjoying a cheerily rinky-dink sound impact.

Whereas Steam’s Large Image Mode has had an achievement notification sound for a minute, as Steam Deck homeowners know full nicely, Desktop Mode remained classily silent when that little rectangle appeared within the nook of your display. Now it makes a noise for each achievement, and when a game finishes downloading, and I hate it.

Happily, you possibly can flip the noise off. As of an update earlier this month, Valve has “Added a toggle in notification settings to activate/off sounds for non-critical notifications.” All it’s important to do is go to Steam > Settings > Notifications after which hit that “Play a sound when a notification toast is displayed” toggle. Studying these notifications are known as “toasts” has solely made me hate them extra, by the best way.