The galactic struggle in Helldivers 2 proceeds apace, and it certain is enjoyable to observe, from memes in regards to the creek to Veld-induced panic, there’s a complete lot taking place day-to-day. The present main order to preserve Heeth and Angel’s Enterprise protected goes properly, however gamers are beginning to discover one thing unusual. They plug within the hours to defend Tremendous Earth, however once they get up the following morning, all that progress has gone down the drain. What provides?

Seems, bugs and bots do not sleep, that is what provides—as famous by Arrowhead Video games’ CEO Johan Pilestedt on Twitter over the weekend. “I’ve seen many posts a few planet’s liberation quantity—at peak [Concurrent Users (CCU)] the neighborhood is ready to liberate excessive quantities, however as quickly as peak passes, the enemies handle to take the planet again.”

(Picture credit score: @Pilestedt on Twitter/X.)

He then goes on to clarify that “every planet is sized consistently (suppose HP regen), which means at low CCU planets lose liberation %. It is a push and pull!” I determine Pilestedt meant ‘seized’ right here, as a result of in any other case the sentence would not make sense. If ‘sized’ means proportionate scaling to the quantity of Helldivers glassing a planet, these campaigns would not endure from a low CCU like he mentions.

So there you’ve got it: There’s not some sneaky DM knocking off hard-earned share numbers when you sleep. Somewhat, the notion of Joel-based meddling is extra mirage than actuality. That is to not say issues have by no means been shuffled round, as in a separate tweet Pilestedt did verify that they’ll ship reinforcements to planets. 

Nonetheless, his response to a participant on that thread appears insistent that numbers-tweaking is much less to do with a capricious game grasp—somewhat, the game’s sudden participant depend has triggered some early changes to the method. In response to the concept of an “phantasm of alternative”, he writes: “It is not true. It was simply within the first section we needed to get the stability right for a number of occasions extra gamers. Now the alternatives you make are those that can occur.”

(Picture credit score: @Pilestedt on Twitter/X.)

If I’ve my timelines appropriate, Veld’s “HP regen” swings appear to have occurred after the tweet was made (I watched all of it go down within the afternoon GMT on February 29, whereas Pilestedt’s reply was written within the morning of the identical day). 

Nonetheless, Veld was additionally the primary Main Order where everyone was funnelled into the identical planet—it was a novel experiment. I would not be stunned if that “getting the stability right” half needed to occur a second time over.

I additionally need to level out that, when you in all probability will not be beating out that passive regen share within the off-peak hours, you are still slowing it down—retaining it in a great place on your prime-time siblings to swoop in and end the job, like loosening the lid on a galactic peanut butter jar, simply with extra explosions. 

I determine neighborhood complaints are coming from gamers who would somewhat be heroically pushing bugs again, and are as an alternative saddled with a graveyard shift of “managed dropping” for the crime of residing in particular timezones, which is honest. Nonetheless, each little helps.