According to the status notice spotted in the game client, Riot has disabled Yoru on Valorant. The only detail in the message is that Riot is looking into the “issue”, which is likely related to the agent’s ability to take advantage of some previously unknown issues.

However, as gamers, we have a theory as to what could cause it. Yoru is one of the newest members to join, and his remote transmission abilities were being exploited in exploitable Gatecrash glitch. With this information in hand, let’s see why Yoru was disabled and removed from Valorant.

Yoru is disabled and is evacuated from Valorant because he was able to teleport inside the pyramid in Breeze map due to a glitch, and can plant spike. Yoru can also shoot opponents from within the pyramid, which can be used to gain an unfair advantage. If an enemy Yoru plants a spike inside the pyramids on Breeze map, it becomes impossible to win the round.

When players realized that they could activate Gatecrash’s tether by sending it through the Teleporter, a similar issue appeared on the Bind map. There must be a collision detection defect that the cable can pass. Due to “issues”, Breeze has been removed from the competition queue.

Breeze Map is currently only disabled in competition or ranked mode, and can be played in unranked and other modes. All of Yoru’s main have to wait a while before they can play their favorite agent in Valorant again. As far as we know, Breeze and Yoru are banned for the same reason.

Riot has not yet specified a date to re-enable Yoru and Breeze. They didn’t even give an explanation as to why it couldn’t be used. This is a bad situation, especially for those who depend on heroes to save them. However, it is good to know that the developers are preparing for this case.

That’s everything you need to know about why Yoru is currently disabled and removed from Valorant.