World of Warcraft’s foremost conscientious objector has executed it once more. With out hurting a fly, and with out ever leaving the Wandering Isle beginning zone (meant for stage 10 gamers and under), the pandaren referred to as Doubleagent has managed to hit the MMO’s max stage of 70. All it took was dedication, effort, and the power to endure mind-numbing repetition for 1000’s of hours.

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This is how he does it: Whereas different gamers are off amassing energy by violence, climbing to new ranges by dungeons, PvP, and different darkish and bloody deeds, Doubleagent is doing laps of the Wandering Isle. He cannot go away the Isle, as a result of doing so would compel him to violate his sacred neutrality and choose a aspect between Alliance and Horde, so he stays, mining rocks, choosing flowers, and… nicely, no, really that is it. 

For hours and hours, days and days, months and months, he runs circuits of the beginner zone clicking on assets as they respawn, rising imperceptibly stronger on the miserly crumbs of XP they drop. Then, nicely, rinse and repeat for nonetheless lengthy it takes, till he hits the extent cap with none blood on his fingers in any respect.

To place that into perspective, hitting the extent cap in WoW requires hundreds of thousands of XP. Doubleagent normally earns 50 XP per rock mined and flower picked, and has to stroll laboriously between each single one. Repetitive does not even start to explain it.

Should you’re curious, the factor that tipped him over to stage 70 was a small bundle of peaceblooms, which appears apt. You possibly can witness the magical second your self on Doubleagent’s YouTube channel. Heck, you possibly can even sit down and relive the magic of your complete 2-hour stream, however be warned: It is precisely what you assume it’s.

Doubleagent has kind for this sort of factor. He final graced our pages in 2020, when he hit the previous stage cap of 60 in a 17-day flurry of mining and flower-gathering, however he is been at it for much longer than that. When he sat down to speak with PCG all the best way again in 2016, he’d already been dwelling the ultra-centrist panda life for 1000’s of hours. He is now performed for round 213 days.

I would like to give you some galaxy-brain take about what this implies. Maybe one thing about our capability as gamers to carve out sudden gameplay niches within the video games we love, or how this factors the best way to a world where video games are much less goshdarn violent. However, to be trustworthy, I believe it is largely a testomony to essentially the most human trait of all: Being intensely, weirdly cussed about one thing completely pointless. Godspeed, Doubleagent, this is to the following 213 days.