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Wordscapes Stage 85 Solutions
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The enjoyable factor about phrase puzzles is that they check how large your private lexicon is, and maybe educate you a couple of phrases you didn’t already know within the course of. Wordscapes is very similar to that, although with the added wrinkle of sticking phrases into traces, crossword-style. If you want somewhat assist with that course of, we acquired you. Here are the solutions for Wordscapes stage 85.

For stage 85 of Wordscapes, your supplied letters are as follows:

  • A
  • I
  • L
  • S
  • V

Remember, you need to use letters greater than as soon as to make a phrase. There are seven right solutions for this puzzle, however in case you make a phrase that’s not really on the board, you’ll get bonus factors for it.

The right solutions for stage 85 are:

  • VIA
  • LAVA
  • VISA
  • ALAS
  • VIAL

Meanwhile, these are all of the bonus phrases you may make:

  • LAVS
  • SAIL
  • VAS
  • AIS
  • ALS
  • AIL
  • VASA
  • AIA
  • AVAL
  • VIS
  • AAL
  • VALI
  • LAV
  • AALS
  • SAV
  • ALA
  • VAIL
  • AVAS
  • VIAS
  • AVA
  • AILS
  • AIAS
  • LAS
  • SIAL
  • LIS
  • LIAS
  • SAI
  • SAL
  • AAS

That’s our full listing of solutions for stage 85 of Wordscapes. If you’re nonetheless craving some psychological stimulation, strive shopping by our phrase game sections right here on Gamer Journalist. We’ve acquired guides and solutions for video games like Wordle and Crossword puzzles that can assist you out.