Karakuri is the hunting partner gimmick of Wild Hearts, and it is honestly pretty fun. Gigantic clockwork and wooden constructs of massive hammers and nets feel fantastic to use in the right situations. No hunt can be complete without three friends desperately trying to hammer a flying squirrel! But we’re not here for the early game Karakuri. No, we want to know how to get the Celestial Cannon Fusion Karakuri! Let’s talk about what you need to do to obtain this massive piece of overkill!

How to Unlock Celestial Cannon Fusion Karakuri

In order to unlock the Celestial Cannon Fusion Karakuri in Wild Hearts, you must be able to access the Golden Tempest hunt. The Inspiration for the hunt appears if you have the Celestial Anchor and Torch equipped during your hunt. The cannon’s combination is two columns of Anchor – Torch – Anchor adjacent to one another. Complete this inspiration by building the combination during your hunt.

Like all Inspirations, you’ll need to be hunting a specific monster to unlock the Celestial Cannon Fusion. The Golden Tempest is a main storyline hunt, and is unlocked during Chapter 4. If you don’t get the inspiration, make sure that you have your upgrades to that point on the Karakuri upgrade menu. The cannon sits on the far left side of the upgrade menu, near upgrades for the torch and the celestial anchor.

Unfortunately, even once you’ve gotten it on the tree, you’ll still need to make it while the beast runs at you! Make sure you have enough thread during a time where the Golden Tempest is attacking you, and throw down your Karakuri before it gets bored! This’ll let you keep the cannon. Obviously, you can try as many times as you need to make the Celestial Cannon during the hunt. Once you’ve unlocked it, you can bail on the hunt, or finish off the beast to collect materials.

The Cannon’s two upgrades each cost 3,500 orbs but are fairly nearby on the tree.

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