Rune Factory 5
Rune Factory 5

Rune Factory 5 is a simulation role-playing game. As a result, you will be entrusted with completing several objectives. As you get closer to the NPCs, you may form love ties with them and finally marry them. But the question of who you can marry arises. So, in this tutorial, I’ll show you all of the Candidates in Rune Factory 5 who you may marry.

Who Can You Marry In Rune Factory 5?

There are a total of 12 NPCs that you may marry in Rune Factory 5. Once you have formed a strong enough relationship with the Marriage Candidates, you will be able to marry them. You can accomplish this by conversing with them and accomplishing tasks and missions assigned by or with them. One method is to give them gifts; you will need to give them something that they enjoy. This will become clear to you during your talks with them. The 12 NPCs you can marry are as follows:

You will have the option of marrying any of these Marriage Candidates. Because same-sex marriage is permitted in this game, you can marry any of the 12 characters. To marry them, you must first earn Friendship Level 10. You’ll be able to get there if you’ve reached Friendship Level 7. After that, you’ll have to establish a romantic relationship with them, and after three dates, you’ll be ready to propose. To reach Friendship Level 7, you must once again converse to them, offer them Gifts, and accomplish tasks assigned by them or involving them.

All Marriage Candidates in the Game

  • Beatrice
  • Cecil
  • Fuuka
  • Lucas
  • Lucy
  • Ludmila
  • Martin
  • Murakumo
  • Pricilla
  • Reinhard
  • Ryker
  • Scarlett