I have to make a confession: I am not a Fallout 2 man. For as a lot as I like Fallout 1 and New Vegas, the second game’s pop-culture reference-filled and prurient type at all times grated on me. However possibly my relationship with Fallout 2 is not doomed. Maybe all I would like is a brand new perspective. Actually.

The Fallout 2 Remake 3D (through PCGamesN) from Polish developer Jonasz Osmenda gives precisely that. Transplanting Black Isle’s opus into distressingly speedy first-person, the mod makes use of the unique game’s property to recreate environments like Klamath, Arroyo, and the Temple of Trials in exacting element. After all, these are property made for an isometric game within the late ’90s, so principally the whole lot turns into an unparseable mess of pixels if you get near it, however it’s good to see acquainted, post-nuclear faces like ‘lady in jacket’ and ‘hunched bald man’ once more.

An image of Fallout 2 Remake 3D showing a woman being targeted in VATS.

(Picture credit score: Jonasz Osmenda)

The entire thing is in extremely early phases (and should by no means get previous them, if Bethesda’s attorneys have something to say about it), so without delay it is extra of a tech demo than a correct game. The weird wedding ceremony of Fallout 2’s unique mechanics—where the turn-based fight was regulated by every individuals’ pool of motion factors—with a first-person perspective is… troublesome to regulate to, for instance, and the map you possibly can at the moment discover turns to infinite nothingness at its edges. Really, the extra I write about it, the extra it appears like Morrowind, so possibly Fallout 2 Remake 3D is already the best game of all time.

Nonetheless, it is a valiant effort, and it is at all times cool when passionate followers attempt to maintain video games alive even when their father or mother corporations have moved onto greater and extra profitable issues. I am reminded of efforts like Daggerfall Unity and OpenMW: Open-source reimplementations of the previous Elder Scrolls video games that make enjoying the classics a breeze on fashionable techniques. These fan initiatives do not use the game’s unique property, they’re simply different engines you possibly can slot these property into your self (from the video games you already personal). Crucially, that makes them un-lawyerable, not less than for now. That sort of factor could be a extra long-lived course for a Fallout 2 revival to go in, even when Osmenda’s work is genuinely spectacular.

I hope somebody picks up that torch. In a world where we now have Enhanced Editions of Baldur’s Gate, Planescape: Torment, and Icewind Dale protecting the previous Infinity Engine video games alive, it feels more and more unusual that Bethesda hasn’t performed one thing related for the beloved classics in its personal secure. I suppose leaving it for the followers to kind is not out of character, although.