Destiny 2 - Who is Eido?
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Wondering who’s Eido in Destiny 2? Yeah, you and everybody else. Despite present within the game since Season of Opulence, not many individuals find out about this notable Eliksni determine inside the House of Light. All the identical, she’s right here to remain as part of the pirate crew we’ve essembled to tackle Eramis throughout Season of Plunder.

We’re going to run you thru the whole lot you could find out about this newly rising character. We don’t know an excessive amount of – however we do have a bit of little bit of backstory to go off of, in addition to some insights into her character.

Destiny 2 who is Eido? Eido and Mithraks having a drink.
Screenshot by Gamer Journalist

So, who’s Eido? Well, she’s a Fallen, or Eliksni – clearly. Specificly, she’s a Fallen Scribe that falls underneath the banner of the House of Light. More importantly, although, is the truth that she’s the adoptive daughter of Mithraks, the chief of the House of Light and a trusted ally of the Last City.

At one level when Mithraks was nonetheless a Vandal, not a Captain, he was clearing the battlefield of a House of Devils skiff with the then Queen’s Wrath Sjur Eido. Mithraks discovered Eido in a ventillation shaft, nonetheless solely a hatchling. After being took in, Eido took her identify from “his first Awoken friend,” clearly that means Sjur Eido.

We obtained our first correct take a look at Eido throughout Season of the Splicer, where she is recognized within the flesh as “Eido, Daughter of Misraaks” within the Eliksni quarter of the Last City. However, she was first talked about in tattered notes written by Mithraks within the Destiny 2’s Season of Opulence.

Now, although, she’s lastly getting a while within the highlight as a member of our pirate crew. We know she holds the beliefs of her father near her coronary heart and truely believes in cooporation with humanity. However, she’s additionally not naive sufficient to consider that’s an simply attainable aim. Along with that, her fascination and curiosity with Fallen historical past has made her a key ally for coping with Eramis in Season of Plunder.

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