Which Disciple Ought to You Select in Live A Live?
Image through Nintendo/Square Enix

I’ve watched sufficient kung fu motion pictures to know that in any grasp/disciple state of affairs, there can solely ever be one true successor. You can have a complete faculty of combatants underneath you, however just one could be the very best. That’s the selection you’re confronted with in Live A Live, and it’s a vital selection. So, which Disciple do you have to select in Live A Live?

In the Imperial China chapter of Live A Live, after the Shifu recruits Lei, Yun, and Hong as his disciples, he’ll begin coaching them within the methods of kung fu. The manner this works is that you simply’ll get 12 matches along with your disciple of selection, and for those who beat them, they’ll achieve expertise and stage up, in addition to obtain a stat bonus based mostly on the location of your coaching. Additionally, as they stage up, they’ll study no matter strikes you used on them throughout your fights, so you must be sure to make use of all the Shifu’s strategies on them no less than as soon as.

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Here’s the rub: when you have three disciples, solely one in all them can truly change into your successor. In reality, after you’ve accomplished all the coaching bouts, solely the disciple you educated essentially the most will stay as a playable character, whereas the opposite two will probably be unavailable for the remainder of the game. This is essential as a result of not solely will your successor be your solely ally within the chapter’s final main space, however they’ll additionally change into the de-facto protagonist of the Imperial China chapter in Live A Live’s last chapter.

Which Disciple Ought to You Select in Live A Live?
Image through Nintendo/Square Enix

Each of your disciples has completely different traits and private movesets, so when you can decide whichever one you need, try to be conscious of their variations.

  • Yun is the middle-ground selection. His beginning stats aren’t that spectacular, however he positive factors extra stat factors with each stage up than the opposite two disciples, so with some grinding, he can change into a succesful fighter afterward. His pace and sturdiness by no means outclass Lei or Hong, although.
  • Lei isn’t as robust or sturdy as Yun or Hong, however her pace and evasion are ridiculous. She’s an archetypal nuker character, dashing in, laying down some swift strikes, and backing away earlier than issues get furry. While her base assault is common, the extra pace additionally offers her a powerful general DPS.
  • Hong is slower than molassas with crutches, however his protection and HP are a lot greater than the opposite two. It takes him some time to get where he must be on the sphere, however as soon as he’s there, he can firmly hold his floor, dealing injury with out as a lot concern for his health.

Whichever disciple you decide, be sure to coach them completely, as any positive factors the lesser disciples get will probably be rendered moot on the finish of all the things. Incidentally, whichever disciple you select must struggle the ultimate boss of the chapter by themselves, so ensure you equip all your finest gear on them fairly than the Shifu.