The Shadow of His Wings is a sidequest in World of Warcraft: Dragonflight and yow will discover it in The Waking Shores, which is the primary zone you will go to if you arrive within the Dragon Isles. It is a part of a storyline of the identical identify and is required for the Sojourner of the Waking Shores achievement.

As The Shadow of His Wings is not a part of the primary story marketing campaign, you might miss it. Don’t be concerned although, as I am going to show you where you can begin the storyline on this guide. It is a comparatively brief questline too, so you will be again to leveling very quickly. This is where to seek out the WoW: Dragonflight Shadow of his Wings quest. 

WoW: Dragonflight The Shadow of His Wings location 

To start out The Shadow of His Wings storyline, it is advisable to head to the Smoldering Perch, simply north of the Obsidian Bulwark in The Waking Shores. The grassy cliff is where you will discover the NPC, Ingot, although they will not seem till you land within the space. You could find the location within the screenshot beneath should you’re unsure.

There are 4 quests to finish for The Shadow of His Wings storyline:

  • A Cultist’s Misgivings
  • Punching Up
  • Underneath Lock and Key
  • The Shadow of His Wings

Ingot will give you the primary two quests listed above, and the targets for each are discovered within the ravine beneath. A Cultist’s Misgivings asks you to find Ayasanth contained in the cage and you may must kill 12 Worldbreaker Dragonkin for Punching Up. Ayasanth provides the third quest, Underneath Lock and Key, and you may must kill close by enemies to get the Worldbreak Cell Key to free them. 

When you free Ayasanth from the cage, they’re going to offer you The Shadow of His Wings, the ultimate quest within the storyline.

Where to start out The Shadow of His Wings storyline. (Picture credit score: Blizzard)

Learn how to full The Shadow of His Wings 

Uncover the Dragon Isles

World of Warcraft Dragonflight screenshot

(Picture credit score: Activision Blizzard)

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To finish this quest, you will want to go into the close by cave with Ayasanth and confront Cygenoth the Corrupted. The cave entrance is marked on the map and straightforward to seek out and there are just a few enemies to take care of inside earlier than you attain your goal. One factor to notice right here is the arcane orb close to the fitting wall of the cave. Clicking on it will increase your stats by 5% and the additional harm could be helpful for the battle forward. It reduces your health although, so watch out.

As soon as Ayasanth confronts Cygenoth, you will must kill him, although the NPC might be incapacitated for the battle so that you’re by yourself. He wasn’t troublesome to take care of on my shadow priest however he could also be troublesome for squishier classes with none therapeutic talents. 

After you’ve got handled Cygenoth, head again out of the cave and again to the Smoldering Perch. Now you can hand within the quest to Ayasanth to finish The Shadow of His Wings storyline.