In the event you’re in search of the protected code in Disaster Core: Closing Fantasy 7 Reunion, then likelihood is you are working your means via the Seven Wonders of Nibelheim sidequests. The fourth Surprise duties you with finding the “laughing protected”, and you will want to determine the code to entry what’s inside and achieve the reward.

You will get clues on where to search out the digits wanted however these are fairly obscure and you can simply end up having bother determining the right resolution. So with out additional ado, here is the right way to discover the Disaster Core Reunion protected code.

Disaster Core Reunion protected code: How you can clear up the Fourth Surprise of Nibelheim 

The boy introduces the Fourth Surprise of Nibelheim by speaking in regards to the laughing protected in Shinra Manor and Zack will want the protected code to proceed. It is random every time too, so you will must determine it out for your self. 

The protected is discovered within the room on the prime of the steps contained in the manor and yow will discover the clues to the code on a scrap of paper on the ground close to the window.

The protected code clue reads:

  • 1st digit: Data overflowing
  • 2nd digit: Unwelcome faces
  • third digit: Tasty reminders of dwelling
  • 4th digit: Resting on all 4 toes

Now you have to search for doorways that will not open contained in the Shinra Manor, however provide the choice to look via the keyhole.

The primary digit is discovered by trying via the keyhole of the door on the identical ground because the protected however within the reverse wing—you will must search for the books that are not contained in the bookshelf. The second clue refers back to the keyhole on the backside of the steps and to your left; you are in search of enemies in right here. The third digit’s door is positioned right subsequent to the room with the protected. Search for purple apples in right here. Lastly, the final digit is discovered by trying via the keyhole of the door reverse where you discovered the second digit, again on the bottom ground, and you have to rely the chairs.

As soon as you’ve got acquired the 4 numbers, head again upstairs and enter the protected code. A cactuar will soar out and you will be rewarded with a Very important Slash materia.