If you happen to’re in search of the First Druid in Baldur’s Gate 3 then you aren’t alone. After encountering the Tieflings within the Emerald Grove, you may be requested to search out Halsin within the goblin camp where he was captured. The one subject is, the waypoint to his location is extraordinarily imprecise and it is seemingly that you’ve got walked by where he’s just a few dozen instances by now.

On this guide, I will let you know where yow will discover Halsin and, extra importantly, easy methods to get him to hitch your ragtag band of buddies. 

Where to search out the Goblin Camp

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When you attain the Goblin Camp, which is close to the windmill where you freed Barcus Wroot within the Blighted Village, you may wish to make your technique to a set of massive heavy doorways that result in the Shattered Sanctum—there is a large man in entrance of them shouting at a rooster when you want a clue. Enjoying as a Drow, I used to be capable of saunter by way of the camp and into the sanctum with little difficulty, however different races might need a more durable time. In fact, when you freed Sazza the goblin from the grove, that may assist your trigger, so non-Drow gamers may wish to think about that.

Where to search out Halsin

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A group of explorers crossing a wooden bridge

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The party entering the Worg Pens

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A bear that you can attack or rescue

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Head by way of the Shattered Sanctum till you see the priestess, then head to the best and search for a rickety wood bridge main off to the best. Comply with the bridge spherical and you will see three goblins alongside a rat and a door forward. Undergo the door and you will arrive on the Worg Pens. When you’re within the room, when you have it, use your communicate with animals spell. Enter the room and you will see a bear on the right-hand aspect together with some goblins. If you happen to can chat with animals, the bear will ask you: “Cease them. Free me.”

That bear is Halsin, if you have not already discovered where that is going. You need to use Illithid or Knowledge dialogue choices to free the bear, you possibly can egg the goblins on to hold torturing him or combat them. If you happen to free him, you’re left with three choices: Assault the goblins, cost the bear, or go away the bear to the goblin’s mercy. As I made a decision to aspect with the Tieflings and Halsin, I attacked the goblins.

As soon as the battle is over, he’ll rework again into Haslin and can discuss how the tadpoles in your head have been altered by cultists in Moonrise Towers. He will also be recruited to your occasion to combat off Minthara, the Drow chief of the goblins, the hobgoblin Dror Ragzlin and the priestess, Intestine, however does indicate that it will be a massacre and you will have to combat all the goblins. 

Both means, as soon as you have discovered him it is as much as you to determine whether or not you may shield the Emerald Grove and him, or if you are going to be a part of the Drow chief on her conquest within the title of the Absolute. If you happen to shield the grove, he’ll seem in your camp and you’ll recruit him at a later stage.