New World
New World

Everything in New World must be carefully crafted, and you will struggle if you don’t have the right materials. Saltpeter itself is a particularly important raw material for production, and you need it to make gunpowder, which is essential for survival in New World. Fortunately, we have a secret about where to find saltpeter in the New World.

Saltpeter is most commonly found in caves, especially in the Aeternum area. Since it is a rare ingredient, you will have to take whatever you can find because you will constantly need it. Try to check the following specific locations:

  • Letum’s Peak
  • Brighteye Den
  • Howling Falls
  • Graymane Burrow
  • Snaggletooth Burrow

Saltpeter can be recognized through these visual cues. First, it always appears on large rocks decorated with white lines and stripes. If you approach rocks with specific designs, you will definitely find some. Usually these rocks will contain five pieces.

Of course, it is worth mentioning that saltpeter is mainly found in caves. Therefore, you will need equipment to travel through the cave in the search.

In addition to the locations we mentioned, there are many other locations in the game that need to be checked. These are just some of the most common places. However, you must look for it, because this useful material is very scarce. Make sure you take as much as possible; in an intense game like New World, you will need it!