New World
New World

From minerals to plants, collecting and refining resources is a key part of the New World. Perhaps the most popular plant in the game right now is Rivercress. If you want to know why this popular plant has received so much attention, learn all about it in this quick guide!

Rivercress grows near water, especially near waterfalls and rivers. The two areas that currently seem to have the most Rivercress are Windsward and Everfall, as well as nearby rivers or waterfalls. To collect this plant, you need a sickle that can be harvested 30 times.

If you want to find this plant more easily, you need 200 harvests. 30 Harvest is the first thing you need to collect plants; 200 only need to track Rivercress on your map. Before you reach that point, look for bright blue and green plants along the river and waterfall boardwalk.

Unfortunately, you will not only get fantastic Stem from the Rivercress. Not rare drops like water motes, wisps, essences, and quintessences will appear more frequently. However, you will often get the stems, leaves and flowers of Rivercress. Rivercress stems are well-known for giving life leeches to the items they are made of. Life Leech is great, because a little recovery in combat can reduce a lot of superimposed damage.

All three crafting materials will give you the opportunity to obtain Life Leech on your items; Stem is the most common and the one you are most likely to get. Make sure to invest 100 Azoth to your gear to increase your chances of getting life leeches!