Must get hold of Oobsidian!

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The squishy and colourful titular creatures of Ooblets are enjoyable little monsters you may develop. Once you have got grown them there’s quite a lot of issues you are able to do with them and that they’ll do for you. One of the important thing issues they’ll do is provide help to discover essential or uncommon gadgets you may then use as elements that will help you in your farming duties or improve and evolve your favourite Ooblets additional. One of the rarer and sought-after gadgets within the game is Oobsidian which may also help you in numerous methods. So let’s check out the a number of methods you could find Oobsidian in Ooblets.

Where to seek out Oobsidian

The quickest and extra frequent solution to discover Oobsidian will likely be by being produced by the Ooblets themselves. Gleamy Ooblets, the rarest sort of Ooblet, can simply produce Oobsidian randomly at occasions. The extra Gleamies you have got the higher likelihood you get however you may not all the time can depend on when or getting it as quickly as you want it. Though you may search on the seaside of Badgetown as nicely. It additionally not often seems right here however you will get fortunate.

There can also be possibly the tactic you’ll attempt probably the most, which is utilizing the sea dangle. You can get hold of Oobsidian from the ocean with sea dangling however after all, nothing is assured what number of occasions you must do to get it. One extra presumably painstaking solution to search will likely be breaking rocks and hoping for one of the best. Once once more it solely generates not often this manner as nicely.

There is a surefire solution to completely get your Oobsidain and that’s utilizing the wishywell. If you have got 100 Wishies to spare you may want for Oobsidian. We’d recommend solely doing this if you really want it. Save for if you happen to don’t have to make use of the wishywell for one thing presumably extra essential. Hopefully, you may check out all of the other ways to acquire Oobsidian and get all you want faster than simply attempting one technique.

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