Subnautica Below Zero
Subnautica Below Zero

Subnautica: Below Zero is a survival adventure game set in an open world environment and played from a first person perspective. The player controls an investigator who is studying the local environment of the alien facility near planet 4546B. The plot of the game is that players collect resources, build tools, build bases and submersibles, and can interact with wild animals and plants on land.

Players can create various items in the game, and almost all items require a lot of magnetite. This makes Magnetite one of the most important resources in the game. Let’s see where magnetite can be found in Subnautica.

1) Phi Robotics Centre (Coordinates: – 1181.4 21.1 -656.7)

After reaching the Phi Robot Center, go through the door and you will see a collapsed structure. Go under the structure, follow the wall and stay to your right, you will see a crack containing 5 magnetites.

2) Glacial Basin (Coordinates: – 1277.0 25.4 -559.9)

After starting from Phi Robot Technology Center, head upwards slightly to your left. After some distance, you will see a staircase on the right. Don’t take the ladder that’s your sign to head North until you see the ladder bending, this is the area where you need probing for magnetite.

After completing the exploration, exit the cave here and you will see another cave on the right. While exploring this cave, you may also find some magnetite in Subnautica.

3) West Artic (Coordinates: – -802, -86, -666)

Players can find an abundance of Magnetites, especially at the Iceberg Cavern. While the number isn’t specific you will at least get 2 magnetites and lots of gold, silver, and other items as well. These were all the places you could find Magnetites in Subnautica Below Zero.

You might find some more scattered throughout the game but these are some primary locations having Magnetite in abundance. We would advise you to check the cracks very carefully anywhere in the game as you can find some Magnetite there.