Subnautica below zero
Subnautica below zero

Players in Subnautica: below zero will inevitably encounter certain areas or containers that they cannot enter. Sometimes, it can be a sealed door, a sealed container, or even an ice wall. To overcome these obstacles, players will have to use a laser cutter tool, which is a powerful element capable of cutting these seals and even providing a little light. However, like most things in the game, creating this game will require the player to find and scan the debris first. Fortunately, these fragments are generated in the same location and are relatively easy to find.

So far, Subnautica Players should be familiar with the fragments scanning process, but if this is not the case, the process is simple. Players only need to be close enough to a technology they want to create, and then use a scanner to collect data about it.

To create a laser cutting machine in a Fabricato, players first need to find three different laser cutting machine fragments, but there are more than three fragments that can be found in the world. Players should check the Arctic Kelp Cave, Koppa Mining Field, Mercury II Stern, Phi Robot Center, and Twisty Bridges, as these are areas where fragments may occur. Players can also find them inside of Sea Monkey Nests, presumably because these curious creatures find the fragments and take them back to the nest.

Back at the Fabricator, players will now be able to view the recipe to create their own laser cutter. However, the recipe requires a lot of materials, because the player needs to collect two diamonds, a battery, a titanium and a crystalline sulfur. Titanium is easy to find, the player may already have a lot of titanium, but the rest is a bit complicated.

Batteries are made by manufacturers using ribbon plant and copper ore. In some biomes, diamonds are a rare resource found on the seafloor. Finally, to obtain crystalline sulfur in Subnautica: below zero, players are required to find it in Arctic caves or obtain it from sulfur plants.

Each door the player passes through with the laser cutter consumes approximately 17% of the battery power. If used properly, this means that the laser cutter can completely pass through five doors before gamers start thinking about replacing the battery.