Subnautica Below Zero
Subnautica Below Zero

In Subnautica: Below zero, every item has a purpose. In some cases, these item are somewhat limited, and items such as Creepvine Samples are only used to make fiber mesh. However, in other cases, one can be used in multiple recipes. Crystalline sulfur is one of these recipes, because players need it to make six different items in the Fabricator.

These are very useful items, which makes players may look for such resources from time to time. Therefore, it is important to know where crystalline sulfur is produced, because sulfur is unique in this respect compared to other elements.

Many of the ores in Subnautica spawn on the seabed floor or as part of an outcrop, but crystalline sulfur is different. There are two main methods of acquisition, both of which will push players away from their comfort zone to some extent.

The first place players should look when searching for Crystalline Sulfur is on Delta Island. In the whole area, there is a concentration of light yellow liquid, called thermal pools. Standing in these places can warm up players and help them get deeper into the island without freezing to death, but crystalline sulfur may also appear around these pools.

In addition, it can also appear on the cave walls of Delta Island, so players should also look for them. When exploring be sure to use Thermal Lilies to keep warm or use Subnautica: Below Zero’s Cold Suit to avoid freezing temperatures.

In addition, crystalline sulfur can also be harvested from sulfur plants. This strange flora can be found in Arctic kelp caves, crystal caves, crystal castles, purple vents, Twisty bridges and Twisty bridge cave biomes, but it is not easy to collect crystalline sulfur from the inside. When the player gets too close, the flower will open, and then a dead fish will swim to charge the player and explode. The bounty inside can only be collected after the accompanying Crashfish dies.

Players can use the crystalline sulfur collected from the Fabricator to make Flares, repair tools, laser cutters, Gas Torpedoes, Prawn suit Jump Jet upgrades and Seatruck afterburner upgrades. The Seatruck upgrade is particularly useful because it allows players to use a little boost at the cost of a little energy when driving their Seatruck under the vast ocean of Zero.