Disney Dreamlight Valley Pickaxe
Picture through Gamer Journalist/Gameloft

There is no such thing as a different life sim game simply as particular as Gameloft’s Disney Dreamlight Valley. There’s an ideal stability to its “grind”, where you sometimes don’t actually even really feel it, nor do you actually thoughts in search of issues throughout its scavenger hunt-esque quests. The brand new update that simply got here to the game, Scar’s Kingdom, has introduced lots of nice new issues to Dreamlight Valley, together with some quests, a Star Path, and even brand-new sources.

One such superior new useful resource is the gem referred to as “Vitalys Crystals”. Although it’s probably not a useful gem, it’s one you’re going to need to maintain in your radar with regards to mining. However where can you discover them, and what are their function? We’ve bought the solutions on where to search out the Vitalys Crystals in Disney Dreamlight Valley and why you’d need to, right beneath!

So, earlier than we get began on their location, it’s vital to make clear what the purpose of mining for Vitalys Crystals is. Are they useful? Nicely, they aren’t very useful as they solely promote for 14 Star Cash, however they do serve a singular function we actually haven’t seen from gems. You see, the Vitalys Crystals can be utilized to craft each the Miracle Development Elixirs and the Even Extra Miraculous Development Elixirs that come into play a bit down the road on the request of Merlin throughout questing.

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Should you’re seeking to mine these greenish-blue beauties, you’ll want to go to Vitalys Mines. However where is that precisely? It’s a brand-new location that’s close to the realm where the river begins within the Sunlit Plateau. When you’ve entered the Vitalys Mines, you’ll be capable of mine the gems along with your pickaxe from a brand new set of rocks that sport some rockin blue and black veins all through them. These gems, like different ones, might be mined from the randomly positioned rocks strewn all through the Mines and can drop you just a few of the Vitalys Crystals per rock as you achieve this.

So, that’s all the things you might want to know concerning the brand-new Vitalys Crystals, together with where to search out them! It’s bizarre to see a gem that doesn’t promote for a lot, however a minimum of it’s an vital crafting merchandise. Make sure you take a look at all of our different nice new Disney Dreamlight guides that cowl the brand new Scar’s Kingdom update!