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Where to Find Vaan’s Hidden Item in Sun Haven


Where to Find Vaan’s Hidden Item in Sun Haven

On: April 19, 2023

There is a lot to do in Sun Haven, from establishing your farm to forming relationships with townspeople and going on magical quests. All in all, Sun Haven is brimming with adventure. For example, if travel into the West Forest of Sun Haven, you’ll come across the Elvin Forest of Nel’Vari. There’s a lot to accomplish here, but one mission players have been struggling with is Part 5 of Nivaras lesson where you have to find Vann’s hidden item. If you’re having trouble finding it, keep reading because we show you where it is below.

Vaan’s Hidden Item Location

To find Vaan’s hidden item in Sun Haven, travel south all the way down the steps from the Nel’Vari General Store. Once you reach the river, turn right (your character’s left) and then right again (this time your character’s right) down the steps that lead to the bridge that crosses the river.

Once you cross, keep going South until you transport to the original entrance of Nel’Vari. Alternatively, where you first spoke to the talking trees, Salix and Ulmus, who you infused to enter Nel’Vari.

Vaan’s hidden item is just to the left of Salix and Ulmus.

Directly to the left of the Nel’Vari entrance is Vann’s hidden item. It’s sneakily sitting, just to the left of the bright purple tree pictured above.

Now all you have to do is pick it up and return it to Vaan. To do that, simply follow the same path back to the Nel’Vari General Store.

Once here, all you have to do is speak with Vaan and you’ll be on to the next stage of your quest. That’s all there is to finding Vaan’s hidden item.

We don’t blame you if this caused you trouble, as there is no hint for where to find Vaan’s hidden item.

Furthermore, Nel’Vari is a pretty big location in itself. So, it’s no surprise you may find yourself running around in circles looking for it with no luck. Nonetheless, You can find Vaan’s hidden item right at the entrance of Nel’Vari.

How to Get to Nel’Vari?

Who could this sleeping giant be blocking your path to Nel’Vari?

You can get to Nel’Vari through Sun Havens West Forest. This takes you to the Elvin Forest, until you eventually reach Nel’Vari.

However, you can’t do this on your own. You have to do it as part of the Path to Nel’Vari questline. In this quest, you are tasked with searching the West Forest in order to find Nel’Vari.

Once you’ve quested through the West Forest you’ll enter the Elvin Forest. Forwarning, there are level 20 monsters in this forest you’ll have to take on.

With that knowledge in mind, best come prepared. Nonetheless, tackle these monsters and keep progressing through the Elvins Forest until you come across the two talking trees, Salix and Ulmus (This is also where Vaan’s hidden item is located; just to the left of them).

You’ll go through a lengthy dialogue cutscene with them, which will require you to infuse Salix’s friend Ulmus with mana. Once you do, it’s just a short and funny conversation later, and you’ll be able to enter Nel’Vari. All in all, it’s quite simple to reach it.

Nel’Vari is an exciting stage of the game, as there is a lot to get done here. You’ll be given a new farm, complete with a house, where you’ll have to begin a new agricultural journey.

Furthermore, there’s a cast of new characters to meet and quests to embark on. One of which is finding Vaan’s dang hidden item. But thanks to this guide, that should no longer give you any trouble!

Is Sun Haven Fully Released?

Yes, it is. The release of Patch 1.0 on March 10, 2023, concluded Sun Haven’s full release.

Can You Marry In Sun Haven?

Yes, you can! Once you reach 15 hearts with an NPC, you’ll have the option to marry them.

Is Sun Haven On Nintendo Switch?

Sun Haven is currently in development for Nintendo Switch. Unfortunately, there is no set or projected release date.

Can You Play Sun Haven Alone?

You can play Sun Haven Alone. Furthermore, you can play it with up to eight friends in multiplayer.

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