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Where to Find the Police Department Keycard in Dead Island 2


Where to Find the Police Department Keycard in Dead Island 2

On: April 25, 2023

The zombie outbreak in Dead Island 2 has reached cataclysmic heights, with the terrifying infection impacting everyone across the U.S. As you and the other Slayers progress through the narrative, you’ll encounter new NPCs and respective side quests. One in mind that requires extra attention is Trent and his Cold Pork side quest. This is initiated at the Blue Crab in L.A. near Venice Beach, where you’re jokingly tasked with collecting weapons from a police station. In order to retrieve the guns, Slayers will need to acquire the Police Department Keycard after following a couple of steps.

Venice Beach at night.

Police Department Keycard Location

The Police Department Keycard in Dead Island 2 can be found within the station in question. It’s near the middle of the teal section on Venice Beach from your map. The keycard is inside the authority-based area, but you’ll need additional access before you can grab the guns for Trent.

Expert Tip: The Cold Pork side quest comes with a recommended level of 20 from the Slayers to reach. If you haven’t attained Level 20, spend some time in and around Venice Beach for bonus zombie-killing opportunities.

This all starts with another key that Slayers will have to obtain, which happens to be next to the targeted police department. The Officer’s Lockbox Key is what you’ll need if you wish to enter the secured premises.

How to Get the Officer’s Lockbox Key

Upon entering Venice Beach and heading south to the police station, Slayers will run into zombies, with one in a police uniform. This infected fellow is Officer McKenzie, and he holds the Officer’s Lockbox Key. Deal with him as you will, get the key, then head to the station.

If you encounter additional zombies near Officer McKenzie, you can quickly grab his key and flee away. Of course, it’s up to you how you want to approach the situation.

How to Get the Police Department Keycard

Now with the Lockbox Key in hand, enter the police station through the entrance that has “PEACE” graffitied to the right of it. The first area that you’ll notice is a processing section with two opened windows. The item in question is beyond this tiny section of the department.

A “STAFF ONLY” door will be locked, requiring someone to disable the locking mechanism. This lock is connected to two Maglocks: one behind the door for “RESTROOM” and the other to the right of the second window against the wall. Destroy these, and the “STAFF ONLY” door will open.

This leads you into a hallway with a few doors. The one you want to go for is the one at the end of the hallway, straight across from the “STAFF ONLY” entrance. It’s accessible only by the station’s keycard, which is in a nearby room.

Expert Tip: While you may be hellbent on acquiring the Gun Case for Trent, spend a few moments in the police station. You’re bound to collect other items that you can use for a later time. Be sure to check the locked jail cells.

In the hallway, go through the door on the left to walk into an office space with lockers. Look to the “NOTICES/KEYS” board; the Police Department Keycard will be sitting on the board’s pen holder.

Grab it, then return to the locked door in the hallway. Use the Security Keypad to access the new area: the storage room/lock-up for evidence, vice, and other forms of contraband.

Side quests are acquired by interacting with various NPCs.

Where to Find the Gun Case

Upon entering the storage area, step through the door to the right where the Secure Storage Room Key can be obtained. It’s sitting right on the security window, below the open space where two individuals would communicate.

Retrace your steps to the initial entrance of the storage room. The focus of the room is the locked-up area, which you can now open with the key from the security window.

Unlock the door, go left, then retrieve the Gun Case for Trent. It’s actually a green toolbox, but it’s labeled otherwise.

Take this item back to Trent to complete the Cold Pork side quest. The rewards for your efforts are 3,000 XP and $500. Not too bad for breaking into a police station.

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