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Where to Find the Blackberry Basket in Stardew Valley


Where to Find the Blackberry Basket in Stardew Valley

On: July 25, 2023

Making friends in Stardew Valley is essential to get the full farming simulator experience. Because of that, you’ll even want to make friends with Linus the homeless man that takes you home after you pass out! Linus is a pretty nice guy when you get to know him, and embraces nature in a very unique way, with his blackberry basket coming to mind. He certainly isn’t like any of the other villagers of Pelican Town, but he’s still human after all, especially when it comes to picking fruit.

So, when blackberry season comes around in Pelican Town and Linus doesn’t have his blackberry basket to help him collect, who are you to deny him aid? Let’s give this kind old man a hand as we embark on a search for Linus’s blackberry basket in Stardew Valley.

Where to Find Linus’ Blackberry Basket

The Blackberry Basket is located to the west of the bus stop, on the west side of Stardew Valley. Once you get to the bus station, just follow the road to the left until you hit the Backwoods. Look toward the tunnel’s entrance then the north side of the road. The color of the basket is a brown-orange hue and is sitting on the side of the road. Pick up the basket and bring it right back to Linus to finish the quest.

This Blackberry Basket quest comes along at about the 8th of Fall, and you get it via your mailbox. Check your mailbox if you’re expecting it, and Linus will give you your adventure for the day. The letter reads:


It’s blackberry season right now. The bushes are full of them. I want to pick some, but I lost my basket. Can you help?


Instead of relying on a new basket for his blackberry adventures, Linus is requesting that you locate the item in question. It’s quite evident that he prefers to reach out to you as opposed to many of the other villagers in Pelican Town.

How to Return the Blackberry Basket

The basket looks a bit like it’s a flower pot if you’re not expecting it; it’s the same color as any kind of generic flower pot. By far the hardest part of this quest is actually finding the cursed thing; how Linus lost it that far to the west of the map, where adventurers rarely have to roam, is beyond us.

Furthermore, it can be a bit more difficult to spot the item during the warmer seasons, particularly Fall. It’s amongst a small variety of bushes, so it’ll be quite distinctive to stand out for you.

Now that you have the blackberry basket in hand, you can get your sweet reward! Linus has a unique schedule much like the other villagers in the Valley, though you can rely on one spot for him to frequently appear. This location is his yellow tent sitting just north of Robin’s Carpenter’s Shop within the Mountain region.

Unfortunately, it’s not much of a payout per se. Linus will give you a big hug and a full friendship heart, but you won’t get any specific reward. What were you expecting? This is just a nice way to help a fellow member of your community, for what it’s worth.

How to Increase Friendship with Linus

If you’re just starting out to build a connection with Pelican Town’s homeless resident, consider the following items to gift to Linus. We’re only focusing on the gifts that he will love, giving you a boost in his Friendship meter:

  • All Universal Loves
  • Blueberry Tart
  • Cactus Fruit
  • Coconut
  • Dish O’ The Sea
  • Yam

In turn, Linus will randomly send you gifts the more that you work on your Friendship with him. He’ll also supply you with recipes after certain milestones have been reached with his Friendship hearts.

In addition to the Blackberry Basket quest, Linus may also request an item for you to collect as part of the “Help Wanted” poster right outside of Pierre’s General Store. Be sure to stop by whenever you’re in need of a quest to help progress the farm.

You can also check out the Special Orders board sitting in front of Mayor Lewis‘ Manor. Only this time, you’ll need to gather 20 trash items for the train platform’s bin. The rewards for the latter task will ring in more than just Friendship points, complete with 500g and the Fiber Seeds recipe.

Frequently Asked Questions

When is blackberry season in Stardew Valley?

You can forage blackberries during the Fall season. There’s a chance that someone will request one via Pierre’s General Store as the leaves continue to fall for Autumn.

What happens if I don’t give Linus back his blackberry basket in time?

Whether you give Linus the basket the next day upon discovery or years down the line, he’ll be grateful for the retrieval nonetheless.

Is the Blackberry Basket quest with Linus broken?

In order for the basket to appear in the Valley, you’ll have to wait until Fall, and whenever Linus mails you the letter for the item. Otherwise, you might have sold the basket at some point without a second thought.