Dave, Dr. Bacon, and Cobra try to contact the Sea Folks in Dave the Diver. All through the opening hours of the journey game by developer Mintrocket, Dave and his associates develop a technique to talk with the mermen and mermaids of the Blue Gap with a Translator. After discovering the Sea Folks Report Chamber, Dave can work together with the underwater of us with the translating system.

The Report Chamber is a necessary piece of lore that helps Dave and Dr. Bacon higher perceive the Sea Folks and their historical past. It’s a fascinating spot to swim inside and performs a component in a number of quests. However for the reason that Report Chamber is within the Blue Gap, where can Dave discover extra of it with out getting chewed up from behind? When you’ve launched into a couple of audacious expeditions already in Dave the Diver, chances are high excessive that you simply would possibly’ve encountered the Sea Folks Report Chamber. Since later quests gained’t pinpoint the chamber, some notes have to be thought-about.

Picture Credit score: Mintrocket.

Dave the Diver gamers can find the Sea Folks Report Chamber by diving into the Blue Gap Medium Depths (50-130 meters). The chamber, which emits a particular hue, sits close to the sting of an underwater cliff across the 90-100 meter mark. It first seems in the course of the “Past the Rock Pile” mission (of Chapter 1: Traces of the Sea Folks), where Dr. Bacon instructs Dave to put a bomb on a pile of rocks blocking the entryway to a cave. The cave seems to be the Sea Folks Report Chamber, house to the mural of King Lengthy. Initially, the realm is protected to swim in with out oxygen depletion and fish interference. Nevertheless, that is solely momentary.

“Sea Folks Language Translator”

Picture Credit score: Mintrocket.

The Sea Folks Report Chamber makes one other look throughout Chapter 2: Into the Deep with the mission, “Sea Folks Language Translator.” That is the game space where gamers should assemble three distinctive objects Dr. Bacon will use to assemble the aforementioned translating system.

As such, Dave wants to gather an Amethyst, a Microphone, and the Sea Folks Stone Pill. The latter is where the Report Chamber comes into play, for the stated pill sits on the bottom of the realm. A yellow exclamation level dietary supplements the pill to spotlight the merchandise for gamers. Though the realm is acquainted this time, Dave’s oxygen will deplete as common as a result of publicity to the brand new area.

The next textual content will seem upon choosing up the pill: “A stone slab with the language of the ocean folks written on it. It’s unattainable to learn.” Dave the Diver adventurers can muster up the remaining two objects whereas diving within the Blue Gap. Amethyst deposits from its ores within the Blue Gap Depths (130-250 meters). For the Microphone, search throughout the Shipwreck Inside (Big Squid boss battle location) and look towards the underside. The Microphone can even be highlighted with a yellow exclamation level. With the objects now gathered, return to Dr. Bacon to convey concerning the creation of the interpretation system.

The Chamber within the “Wedding ceremony Tune Report”

Picture Credit score: Mintrocket.

Whereas Dave might need positioned the stone pill for the translator, he should return to the Report Chamber to retrieve one other slab for Niamo in the course of the “Wedding ceremony Tune Report” mission. The titular diver is on a journey to help the Sea Folks in a number of methods, and Niamo is requesting him to acquire a slab for a marriage. As Dave makes his round to the chamber once more, he’ll discover that fish now inhabit the realm. Bigeye Scads, Longnose Sawsharks, Giraffe Seahorses, and different aquatic creatures now reside within the historic underwater location. Dave’s oxygen will proceed to empty as gamers discover the Sea Folks Report Chamber.

Blowing open the Sea Folks chamber will enable Dave to catch further fish that may in any other case be robust to seize out within the Blue Gap. For that reason, the chamber is a location that gamers will return to, whether or not for a quest or a selected fish. Furthermore, the chamber is house to the mural of King Lengthy, as talked about earlier, which is crucial for the Sea Folks Historian achievement. Subsequently, make sure you snap a photograph of the art work to accumulate the achievement in Dave in Diver.

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