There’s only one place you can find lemons in Bear and Breakfast!

Lemon Ingredient in Bear and Breakfast
Screenshot via Armor Game Studios/Gummy Cat

Bear and Breakfast is loaded with unique, popular features to keep you engaged, but one of the most entertaining features has to be the cooking. Cooking food in Bear and Breakfast is, surprisingly, one of the most popular feature in the game! You can earn cooking recipes through quests or buy them from in-game merchants, and can find free ingredients by foraging for them throughout this game’s lush landscapes!

Some ingredients are common and can be found nearly everywhere, like herbs or mushrooms. Other ingredients, however, are much less common, and can only be found in very specific regions of the game’s maps. One ingredient that has had players tearing their hair out trying to find are lemons. Lemons can be used for numerous recipes in Bear and Breakfast, but they’re almost impossible to find in the game. Keep reading to find out where you can find lemons in Bear and Breakfast!

Surprisingly, lemons can only be found in Winterberry, the coldest area of the game. You won’t find these elusive fruits by wandering through the frozen tundra, however; lemons in Bear and Breakfast come from a single, specific tree not found in this game’s natural flora. To find these elusive lemons in Bear and Breakfast, follow these steps:

Lemon Tree in Bear and Breakfast
Screenshot via Armor Game Studios/Gummy Cat
  • Open Bear and Breakfast on PC or Nintendo Switch.
  • Travel to Winterberry (if you’re not already there) and locate Jax’s cabin, in the upper right corner of the map.
  • Go inside Jax’s cabin and locate the small, potted tree in the bottom corner of the house.
  • Interact with the tree, it should allow you to pick lemons from it.
    • You’ll need to have unlocked Winterberry (obviously) and Highlake to get these fruits. You’ll need to do a few quests for Julia in Highlake before you go to Winterberry, and you’ll need to complete the “Stone Unturned” quest and a couple more following (very easy) quests for Jax before he will let you near his lemon tree.
  • Congratulations! If you correctly followed these short steps, you should now be the proud owner of numerous lemons in Bear and Breakfast! Not only do these little fruits help you complete a special quest from Julia, but they can also be used in numerous cooking recipes. Every time you visit Winterberry, be sure to grab a few lemons!

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Hunting down rare items in Bear and Breakfast is only half the fun! If you love playing Bear and Breakfast and want to explore every audacious quest and adventure it has to offer, be sure to check out Gamer Journalist’s numerous other guides on this amazing game!