Farm this valuable resource.

Image via Glumberland

Ooblets offers various resources in the game. These resources are items which you can process, cook or craft into other items. Some resources in the game include Planklet, Nurny, Flooti Sauce, Curlyhorn, Clothlet, etc. In this guide, we will specifically look at Clothlet and how to find it in Ooblets.

Finding or rather growing Clothlets is very easy in the game. You can also find it by searching and exploring the areas in Badgetown. You can also get Clothplant Seeds while weeding, but it’s not the most reliable method of finding them and is the success rate is highly random.

You can also buy Clothlets Seeds directly from Meed, but they come at an expensive price tag of 32 Gummies. It’s best to farm them or wait for a sale in the store to grab them for half the price.

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Once you have the seeds, you can start farming them. Plant the seeds within the range of any Oobcoops to make sure they get water and remain weed free. This also gives a boost to the farming period, which is normally three days in Ooblets.

Once you get Clothlets, you can use them for crafting various things like Basic Sprinkler. You will also need them for completing “Fix Gimble’s Balloon” in Tinstle Task and “Repair the old farmhouse” quest. You may also need for a Mossprouts task.