Dave, Cobra, Bancho, and the other members of the Bancho Sushi establishment serve various customers throughout the events of Dave the Diver. This charming adventure game puts pressure on its players when some customers are revealed to be VIPs or pretentious consumers who desire specific dishes. This brings us to Alex Cooper, whose upcoming challenge requires a few ingredients for a particular meal, including the Barreleye needed to make some sushi.

The Barreleye is a small-sea fish that players can find and collect to use for a couple different recipes at the sushi restaurant. However, discovering this particular fish is no straightforward task. As you might have anticipated, the Barreleye doesn’t come into play until later in the game. No worries, though, for the fish is easy to capture once you know where to look in Dave the Diver.

How to Find the Barreleye Fish

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The Barreleye fish in Dave the Diver can be found in the Glacial Passage during the day. Known as the Glacier Passage to some, the area lies within the Sea People Village. Players will unlock the passage as they progress through the game, particularly during Chapter 5: Frozen Passage. It’s located in the upper-middle section of the underwater village. Suwam of the Sea People will guide Dave to the entrance after obtaining a key from an Abandoned Cave in a previous mission, as instructed by Tenzhin, chief of the Sea People.

The area is home to a few features that should be mentioned. While the Glacial Passage is home to several other fish (Blobfish. Dumbo Octopus, Peacock Squid, Pelican Eel, and Vampire Squid), players will run into Gadons that lurk within. These individuals are mutated Sea People, and they cannot be killed. Therefore, Dave must employ stealthy approaches to traverse parts of the area carefully.

Moreover, the Giant Gadon lies within the Glacial Passage, so be ready for a boss fight where tactical strategies are out the door in favor of a chase sequence. Upon entering the area, players won’t run into the Giant Gadon, though the monstrous foe will appear during Chapter 5.

Expert Tip

While some players may be tempted to get in the passage to collect fish and get out, the area has a few Gold Fish Statues. Dave can gather these to sell to Cobra after returning from the sea. Each statue sells for 300 gold.

How to Catch the Barreleye

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Dave is equipped with various tools to help him explore the Blue Hole. He can use a few to capture a Barreleye, though players should always aim for the three-star retrieval. Snatching the fish with a harpoon won’t result in a three-star catch. Therefore, it’s best to grab the Barreleye after using a tranquilizer or a net gun. Using either one will ultimately stun the enemy without any permanent harm being done to it.

Upon acquiring a Barreleye, Dave will obtain information for players to learn about. As aforementioned, it’s small-sea fish, rank 7, designated under card number 0303 in the MarinCa smartphone app, and it’s used primarily in the “Whose Fried food is the Best?” VIP mission featuring UK chef Alex Cooper. It weighs only 3 kg and serves as an ingredient for the Barreleye Sushi and Deep Fish Tempura recipes. The first recipe requires only the Barreleye, while the second recipe needs three further sushi ingredients: Cookiecutter Shark, Vampire Squid, and some Kelp.

Catching as much Barreleye as Dave can carry is highly recommended before returning to the Bancho Sushi. Having more than enough on his person can help produce fine-cooked meals for hungry customers.