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Where to Find and Use the Mailman Keys in Dead Island 2


Where to Find and Use the Mailman Keys in Dead Island 2

On: April 28, 2023

As the Slayers clear away the undead filth that roams Hell-A, additional opportunities and quests can be obtained and completed in Dead Island 2. One such fun activity that sticks out is the My Mailman Was A Zombie “Lost & Found” side quest. It’s initially encountered in Bel-Air, and it involves a sealed crate marked for “Special Delivery”. This content requires the Mailman Keys to be opened, which aren’t too far from the quest’s starting point. Here’s how to finish up the Mailman’s delivery by collecting the keys in question. It’s a little bit of a scavenger hunt, but the reward at the end of this quest will be worth your time.

Where to Find the Mailman Keys

You can locate the Mailman’s Keys in Dead Island 2 by visiting different villas and houses in Bel-Air and collecting packages. There are a total of three packages you need to collect, each stacked on trolleys. This is essential to the Mailman’s paper trail. Once collect, you’ll eventually run into the character in question, though he isn’t necessarily working for the good people of Bel-Air.

Key Locations

Since each package is attached to a trolley in Bel-Air, spotting them won’t be relatively easy. Debris litter the streets, Walkers roam the homes of celebrities, and loads of loot to check out. Be on your guard as you obtain the packages, which will lead you to the Mailman himself.

The first package is a little south of the delivery truck (FASTDEL), in front of the entrance to a white villa. It’s also known as the Goat Pen, with a unique sign for its spot on your map. The trolley will be to the right near the trees.

Continue your adventure by going up Alpine Dr. passed the delivery truck. Head to the top left of the Bel-Air map, make a left from the intersection of Alpine Dr. and Access Rd. 782; it’s basically at the very top left of your map. The trolley for this package is near a closed gate for an orange residence.

Keep in mind that Green Thumb Eddie will be on-site. He’s a Butcher variant, complete with blades for his arms. If you manage to defeat him, he’ll drop the Landscaper’s Keys, which will unlock Eddie’s respective toolbox.

Expert Tip: As you make your way through Bel-Air, you’ll run into a variety of zombies that can catch you off guard. To avoid continuous damage, run past groups of Walkers that might hinder your hunt. There are shortcuts that you can utilize.

You can find the third package by heading slightly west from the delivery truck’s site. Access your map then hover over to the star celebrity with glasses and a purple vest next to Glitterati Corner. A closed gate will be on site, with the papers sitting right in front of it.

Where to Find the Mailman

Now, depending on which package you visit first, the Mailman will appear at one of the sites. It seems as if the zombified individual is committed to his human duties, though he isn’t what he was before. Upon encountering the enemy question, we quickly discover that he’s now a pungent Slobber, round and reeky with a bile projectile feature. An apex foe.

As we know, killing the Mailman, whose name’s revealed to be Wayne, will provide us with the set of Mailman Keys for the crate sitting next to the FASTDEL truck. Deal with him as you wish; be mindful of your surroundings, for he’ll have some undead backup.

Expert Tip: Bel-Air has been through some rough times, which means that environmental hazards are present. Use them to help you in combat if Wayne and the Walkers get annoying.

Once you clear away the trouble with Wayne and the other Walkers, pick up his Mailman Keys, then head back to the FASTDEL vehicle. Naturally, unlock the crate, and the My Mailman Was A Zombie side quest will come to a close. For your efforts, you’ll gain 2,000 XP, some cash, and a rare Raven Sharpshooter. It’s undeniably a powerful rifle, and we highly recommend getting it.

Test out your new weapon on some of the Walkers that plague Bel-Air. There are other side quests in the area, so be sure to check your map to see what you can do next.

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