For those who’re searching for Bronze Mud in World of Warcraft, you have probably obtained the Egg of Unknown Contents which you receive by combining gadgets discovered within the Zskera Vault. It is a good suggestion to enterprise contained in the vault as quickly as you’ll be able to. Even in case you’re not within the beauty gadgets it gives, you will decide up the Onyx Annulet within the first room, a socketable, epic-quality ring. 

Talking of beauty rewards, that is precisely what you will want the Speck of Bronze Mud for: it is a part of the method for gathering the Mossy Mammoth mount, and in case you’re searching for the mud, you do not have far more to do to get it. Here is the right way to discover the WoW Speck of Bronze Mud within the Zskera Vault. 

WoW Bronze Mud: Where to get it 

As talked about above, the Speck of Bronze Mud merchandise is required so as to add the Mossy Mammoth mount to your assortment, and you will want to mix it with the Egg of Unknown Contents to progress to the subsequent stage. It’s best to have already discovered and mixed different gadgets to get this far.

The gadgets wanted for the Mossy Mammoth mount are:

  • Unusual Petrified Orb
  • Scrap of Black Dragonscales
  • Drop of Blue Dragon Magic
  • Everburning Ruby Coals
  • Speck of Bronze Mud
  • Emerald Dragon Brooch

The loot you discover within the chests behind the locked doorways contained in the Zskera Vault is random, so if you have not collected the merchandise after unlocking each door on all of the flooring, you will want to attend and check out your luck once more subsequent week. It is also value noting that the gadgets appear to drop within the order you want them, so that you should not get the brooch earlier than you get the Coals, for instance. 

Tips on how to use the Speck of Bronze Mud to get the Mossy Mammoth 

(Picture credit score: Blizzard)

Like the opposite gadgets wanted for the mount, the Speck of Bronze Mud should be mixed with one other merchandise to create one thing else, on this case, the Sleeping Historical Mammoth merchandise. As soon as performed, you will want to gather yet one more merchandise and mix it to acquire the Mossy Mammoth mount. Listed below are all of the steps (bolded gadgets have to be discovered within the Zskera Vault): 

  1. Unusual Petrified Egg + Scrap of Black Dragonscales = Significantly Atypical Egg
  2. Drop of Blue Dragon Magic + Significantly Atypical Egg = Magically Altered Egg
  3. Everburning Ruby Coals + Magically Altered Egg = Egg of Unknown Contents
  4. Speck of Bronze Mud + Egg of Unknown Contents = Sleeping Historical Mammoth
  5. Emerald Dragon Brooch + Sleeping Historical Mammoth = Mossy Mammoth

Congratulations, now you can use the Mossy Mammoth merchandise so as to add the mount to your assortment.