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Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact’s Wangshu Inn is one of the most unique and easily recognizable buildings in the world of Teyvat. As one of the central locations of the Genshin Impact’s impact story, the inn is a gathering place for mobile merchants in the region of Liyue. For players who have just entered the region of Liyue, follow the road to the south through the Bishui Plains to find the Inn.

When going along this road, the inn is actually not to be missed, because it is huge compared to other buildings in the game. When the player arrives at the inn, they will notice that the actual inn facilities is on top of the rock pillars built around it. To use these facilities, players must use the elevator located next to the large waterwheel on the ground.

Wangshu Inn in Genshin Impact

Once the player reaches the upper floor of the building, they must immediately unlock the waypoint in the nearby vicinity. Since most of the quests at Wangshu Inn are obtained on the upper floor, unlocking the waypoint can save the player the trouble of repeatedly using the elevator when going to the location.

On the upper level of the inn, players can find a cooking station where they can craft recipes with the ingredients they collect. Players can also talk to the innkeeper, Verr Goldet, to purchase additional Genshin Impact ingredients and recipes, which they can add to their collection. In the lower level of the inn, players can also find various artifact farming sites next to the waterfront. By interacting with these locations, players will receive various low-level artifacts that they can use to upgrade the current parts they are using.

Players should also pay close attention to the flowers that appear around Wangshu Inn. Along the path leading to the inn and the ground floor of the inn, players will find a variety of silk flowers that can be harvested. Silk flowers are one of the rarest flower types in the game and can only be harvested from the Wangshu Inn, and in the northwest of Liyue harbor.

The flowers are used for the character ascension of both Hu Tao and Xingqiu, and also in the construction Fabric which is a key material in the construction of several furnishings in the Tea Pot realm. The flowers respawn every three days, so players should frequently check back into the Wangshu Inn to stock up on as many silk flowers as possible.