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Destiny 2

Destiny 2 officially released the 13th season, the season of choice, which includes many new activities that the guardians can participate in. One of the biggest new additions to Bungie’s predator shooter is the new Battlegrounds event, which is a new mode where players must deal with a large number of enemies at the same time. But in order to take full advantage of the battlefield and the rewards it provides, players will want to visit HELM.

HELM is a new central area that can be found in the tower in Destiny 2. Players must traverse the map and they will find it at the top of the tower. It’s hard to miss, but even so, as part of the new Destiny 2 Season 13 story content, some players may not know how to get back to it after they visit it as part of the new Destiny 2 Season 13 story content.

The HELM in Destiny 2 is very important in Season 13, and may also be the same in the new season. Here players can interact with the war table to obtain battlefield rewards, which are usually challenges that can also be completed in other Destiny 2 events. They will also use HELM to decode and decrypt Umbral Engrams, which can provide some of the best rewards in Destiny 2 Season 13.

Battlegrounds And The Hammer Of Proving

Destiny 2 players will want to equip the Hammer of Proving and load them with mods. Then after they manage to complete another Battlegrounds activity, the hammer will be charged. Players can use this charge to decode the Umbral Engram at HELM, and then decipher it to obtain powerful new armor or new weapons. This and collecting battlefield rewards will be the main reasons for Destiny 2 players to visit HELM, but it also has other features.

The HELM is a Hub

Some facilities of Destiny 2 Tower can also be found in HELM. For example, Destiny 2 players can access their Vault in HELM in case they need to quickly store some new gear acquired from Umbral Engrams. If they want, they can also check the mail and visit Crow. Go ahead and see if Bungie expands Destiny 2’s HELM to make it more convenient for players. For now, though, fans of Destiny 2 will need to visit it to earn Battlegrounds bounties and decode the Umbral Engrams when they try to complete the Season 13 challenge.

What to do if HELM does not appear on the Map

If the first mission in Season of the Chosen is not completed, HELM will not appear. The mission is called Battleground: Behemoth and is located in Nessus on the left side of The Fissure. If this is the case, defeating the Cabal and completing the mission will unlock HELM. Players who experience the Season of the Chosen for the first time will automatically pull the Guardian into the mission after logging in. If not, clicking the mission in Nessus should work.