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Elden Ring

In Elden Ring, you’ll meet a diverse cast of personalities that will help you become an Elden Lord. Fia is an NPC that can be found in the Roundtable Hold. She is a deathbed companion that debuffs you in order to provide a larger boost using the Baldachin’s Blessing consumable. Your health will suffer a 5% decline when she hugs and embraces you. However, for a limited period, this consumable provides a 35% reduction in physical damage. To avoid spoiling the plot, she departs the Roundtable Hold after a few changes with D and Rogier. But can you track her down for one last hug? Yes! So, here’s where Fia went and where you may find her in Elden Ring.

Where Did Fia Go in Elden Ring?

Fia, the Deathbed Companion, may be found in the Deeproot Depths when she exits the Roundtable hold. But before you go to the Deeproot Depths, you must battle the Starscourge Radahn in order to get access to Nokron, Eternal City. You must also obtain the Cursemark of Death. The Cursemark may be found at the top of Liurnia’s Divine Tower. Once you’ve completed all of the criteria, proceed to Nokron Eternal City.

Follow the mentioned below steps to get to her:

elden ring where did fia go

As you get closer, you’ll notice the Ancestral Woods, the Site of Grace. Over there, you may relax and save your location. There are now two routes to go to the Deeproot Depths. You may enter the hidden tunnel from Mohg’s boss chamber. You can also proceed directly to the Siofra Aqueduct and face Valiant Gargoyle. After defeating it, rest in the coffin to teleport to the depths of Deeproot.

Head north to locate the map of the site, which will make it easier to navigate. Then, proceed northeast to the Nameless Eternal site of Grace. Return to the northeast direction to reach the Prince of Death’s throne, the location of Grace. Once there, beat Fia’s champions, who will charge you and strike first. Then, to reload the region, rest at the Site of Grace. Fia will be seated directly in front of you on a rock structure.