Bunnies in Minecraft
Screenshot via Mojang Studios/Microsoft

Everyone loves rabbits in Minecraft. Rabbits are cute, passive, and make adorable pets! But not all rabbits are created equal in Minecraft, some are hiding a surprisingly murderous intent behind their adorable, pixelated eyes.

Although they look almost exactly like their passive counterparts, Killer Rabbits are the only rabbits in Minecraft that are hostile. Killer Rabbits may not be scary to look at, but their temperament makes them worthy of your fear! The Killer Rabbit in Minecraft is hostile to all players it encounters, including tamed dogs and wolves. Keep reading to figure out how to avoid these evil creatures!

Killer Rabbits may look cute, but they can be incredibly deadly! Killer Rabbits are completely white and their eyes are blood red and horizontal, instead of vertical, like normal rabbits. It is worthy to note that Killer Rabbits cannot exist in Minecraft Bedrock edition, and can only ever exist in Minecraft Java Edition.

Thankfully, Killer Rabbits are not naturally spawning in Minecraft. In fact, Killer Rabbits don’t even have their own spawn egg, so they can’t be spawned even if the player is in creative mode. There are only two ways to get a Killer Rabbit in Minecraft; you can use commands to spawn one in, or breed pre-existing Killer Rabbits with normal rabbits for a chance to get a Killer Rabbit baby.

How to Spawn a Killer Rabbit

If for some reason, you want to spawn one of these dangerous creatures into Minecraft, you’ll need to use commands. Also, make sure you have cheats enabled before you start trying to spawn these guys in. Commands sound complicated, but they aren’t necessarily difficult to use. To spawn a Killer Rabbit using commands, follow these simple steps:

  • Open the commands chat in Minecraft.
  • Click on the textbox.
  • Type /summon rabbit ~~~ and hit Enter.
  • A Killer Rabbit should now be spawned into the game.

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Watch out for these adorable deadly creatures! Killer Rabbits aren’t new to Minecraft, but they are rare. If you try spawning these little guys into your game, make sure you’re a safe distance away first! If you’d like to learn how to discover other creatures in Minecraft like Frogs and Tadpoles, be sure to stay up to date with Gamer Journalist!